How “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Should Have Ended

So many people have an idea of how Star Wars: The Last Jedi should have ended that it’s become something of an epidemic when discussing the movie. Even hardcore Star Wars fans seemed completely shocked at what happened and couldn’t fully explain why the director of TLJ went in the direction he did. Being a Star Wars fan myself I can honestly state that while it was different and definitely not entirely what was expected it was still something that pushed the story along and acted as more of a transition to the overall franchise than anything else. People seem to forget that a good story isn’t always action-packed all the way through. Sprinting through a story from start to finish is a good way to get burned out quicker than usual and become disillusioned with a story in short order.

Instead, growing with the story and accepting the twists and turns it offers is something that might be more conducive to the acceptance that is needed when calling yourself a fan. The ending to this is definitely something that a lot of people would have cheered for since it involves Luke coming back alongside Rey and kicking some major tail. But then again it might call into question the idea that any Jedi could stop that many cannon bolts, CANNON BOLTS mind you, and then casually bat them back at the AT-AT’s with impunity. Keep in mind that while Luke is powerful and Kylo Ren has created this same effect, he’s still not so strong in the Force that he could stop an oncoming cannon bolt, as even Kylo only stopped a blaster bolt in The Force Awakens. Stopping just one, or even deflecting it, would put him on his butt if not kill him outright since the force of the bolt is so much stronger than a blaster. Let me put it this way, a bulletproof vest might stop a bullet from a regular pistol but if one is getting hammered by cannon fire then that’s all she wrote.

Accepting the fact that Luke is gone and Rey is now the last Jedi is something that fans will have to get used to, especially since the rumors have already started that the next episode will be the culmination of this trilogy. It makes sense really since the Skywalker/ Solo line is now ended with Ben, and Rey is apparently not related to any of them so she’ll be free to do her own thing. Leia won’t be around long since Carrie Fisher passed away, rest in peace, and the rest of the cast are so new that they could be used for the supposed new trilogies that are being thought up even now. So pulling away from the Skywalker line could inevitably mean continuing with Rey and the others since they’re not connected, but it would be nice if we could see other favorites like C-3PO, R2-D2, Chewbacca, and even the other newer cast members stick around for a while.

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