The Top Five Adam Sander Serious Scenes in Movies

It’s kind of hard to watch a comedian go completely serious but Adam Sandler seems capable of doing it without much effort. The trouble is he’s not always that great when he’s not acting like an insane man-child. He’s gotten better thankfully as the years have gone by and is still developing into a very talented actor when it comes to drama. It’s simply that people expect him to act crazy and nutso most of the time so it’s kind of a letdown when he doesn’t. However he shows a lot of range when he refrains from taking up the role of the man-child and in all honesty it’s a nice switch. His Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore days are pretty well behind him since he’s starting to get a bit older and it’s about time to diversify and move on from the crazy days.

At some point you’ve got to change it up a bit.

5. Funny People

A lot of folks felt this movie was very misleading since the trailer showed that it featured a great list of comedians and was expected to be funny most of the way through. While the trailer left a different expectation the movie itself wasn’t too bad since it followed Sandler’s character through a difficult transition from thinking he was going to die to finding out that he was going to live, which meant he’d have to make some changes.

4. Punch Drunk Love

Barry is a man who knows he did something wrong, even if it’s not an out and out deal-breaker for the woman he’s trying to be with, and he’s trying to do what he can to rectify the situation. He’s the kind of guy that’s been taking abuse from so many people for so long that he’s finally reached his breaking point and is fed up enough to go take the respect he’s wanted but never got.

3. Big Daddy

Sonny’s the guy that never grew up. He wanted everything to stay the same and everyone in his life to do the same things. But when he has a kid foisted on him the world he knows has to change. There’s no if or but, he HAS to change. And yet somewhere in the middle of all of it he finds that eventually he wants to change for Julian, as he’s found a reason to finally move on.

2. The Cobbler

Max is, for lack of a better word, kind of boring. He comes to work, opens his shop, and waits for people to ocme in and bring him their shoes for mending. He eats his lunch, does more work, and then goes home. He does this day in and day out, expecting nothing more than what he gets and leading a rather ho-hum life, until the one day when his stitcher breaks and he finds the need to use something that will change his life for good.

1. Reign Over Me

The effects of 9/11 hit everyone involved like a hammer blow to the heart. Some managed to move on and heal, others weren’t so fortunate. For Charlie, who lost his wife and children, even his dog, in the tragedy, nothing ever went back to normal.

Adam Sandler is on the verge of being a great actor.

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