The Top Five Jim Carrey Yelling Scenes in Movies

Welcome back to the Yelling Game, and now it’s time to celebrate one of the Kings of Yelling, Jim Carrey! If you haven’t watched one of his movies I feel bad for you son, cause Jim Carrey’s funny and I’ve watched every one. Okay so that was campy but at least it rhymed. Seriously though, this guy can turn it on and off like a switch and he never seems to go dry when it comes to going back to the well for more material. Some of his stuff tends to get recycled but when he finds a new way to present it you have to admit that he comes back with all guns blazing, metaphorically-speaking, and blows you away while making your jaw ache for a day or so thanks to the gales of laughter that are produced. I almost wish I could have added in his TV performances as well, because that’s where he really started to shine.

Alrighty then! Shall we get to it?

5. Ace Ventura II

It wasn’t quite as good as the first and would probably be put on blast if it came out in the theater today while being called extremely racist. But the yelling scenes in this movie were just flat out awesome, such as this one where Ace has to take on the village’s top warrior so that he can pass their final test and be considered as a real man. And yes, that IS Tommy Lee Davidson.

4. The Mask

Welcome to CGI Overkill! It’s pretty understandable though since the Mask was a supernatural character and kind of had to have these kind of effects in order for the character to really shine. But if you must know, the character of the Mask was actually slated to be a lot darker and a lot less playful originally. Of course with Jim Carrey dark wasn’t a possibility at that point.

3. Dumb and Dumber

Want to know the best part about this scene? It wasn’t scripted. Nope, not a word. Jim Carrey saw the newspaper heading on his way out of the bar and decided to make this bit up on the spot. Those working with him no doubt wondered what he was doing at first but, having already been around him long enough, had obviously learned just to go with it.

2. Batman Forever

This might as well have been a movie about the Riddler since Carrey kind of took over and didn’t relinquish control until those moments when Kilmer had the scene all to himself. The character of the Riddler is so over the top in this film that you can honestly remember Jim Carrey, maybe Tommy Lee, and then MAYBE Val Kilmer. Chris O’Donnell was in this one right? Kidding, of course he was, kind of.

1. Liar Liar

Oh man, how many of us have wanted to do this at work? It’s mean, spiteful, and about as crude as something you’d see on Shameless, but it would feel so good by the time you were done. And turning the tables on the woman that was trying to get you fired? Oh, revenge would be so sweet.

And I’m spent. Jim Carrey ladies and gentleman, is a King among yellers.

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