Our Top Five Non Pirate Characters Who Wear Eyepatches in Movies

Most people wear eye patches because they either did something to that eye or something was done to it. Very few people in movies ever wear them simply because they look dashing. That’s right Izzy, from the Mummy Returns, I’m looking at you. Anyway, the eye patch has for so long been considered a pirate thing that along with peg legs, bad teeth, and a surly attitude it’s become canon for the swashbuckling types that ply the sea for their trade and plunder and generally make a nuisance of themselves. But in reality many people in movies wear eye patches, and not all of them are as nice as pirates can be at times.

In fact wearing an eye patch usually seems to qualify you as a hard case in the movies. So long as the character really needs it.

5. Elle Driver – Kill Bill

There are just some old men you don’t call miserable old fools. Elle didn’t care much really, she was bound to do things her own way and to heck with everyone else. But Pai Mei did make her pay for her insolence. However she made him pay in return by poisoning him out of petulance and a desire to, once again, do things her way. Do you get the feeling she’s not too fond of taking orders?

4. Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody – Harry Potter

This was probably one of the best characters in the entire series and the sad part is that he was really only the good guy for a couple of films. Even then he didn’t get a lot of screen time because he was more of a secondary character than anything. But still, Mad Eye was a memorable character and one of the more hardcore personalities in the Potterverse, which is what made him so cool.

3. Number 2 – Austin Powers

The novelty of this character is what made him so memorable. He was basically there to make sure Dr. Evil didn’t do anything TOO stupid. His entire part was basically the evil henchman that went along with the evil genius and did his best not to roll his eyes too much. Not a bad part to play really, and Robert Wagner did a better job than most could have done to be honest.

2. Snake Plissken – Escape from New York

Snake is just hardcore all the way around. He’s tough, he’s surly, and he just doesn’t care. Chances are he’d never even take the missions given to him if he didn’t have to. If it affects him in any way though he’s there and he’s going to mow down whoever’s in his way until he reaches his goal. In short he’s the last guy you really want to call because chances are good that he’d shoot you just for being inconvenienced.

1. Nick Fury – Avengers

I don’t think there’s anyone else that could have played this character with such skill as Samuel L. Jackson. Since Nick Fury was revamped in the comics he went from being a Caucasian to an African-American, which was probably one of the best switches in comic book history. His character seemed to take on a different dimension that was sorely needed and Jackson definitely brought this character to life in a way that redefined the role.

Like I said, an eye patch just seems to make some characters that much tougher.


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