MTV Passes on LC

Apparently bringing reality to a reality show won’t guarantee you a pick-up. Just ask Lauren Conrad, alum of Laguna Beach and The Hills, author, and clothing designer. After spending a great deal of her more formative years in front of the camera depicting romantic difficulties and catty frenemies, “LC” found out that her reality show for MTV wasn’t going to be picked up, according to Entertainment Weekly. Instead of another scripted (either semi or fully, depending on what you think of her first two shows) attempt at Celebreality glory, Conrad’s proposed series would have focused on her fashion line and taken the viewer behind the scenes with a young career woman.

As much as I love trashy reality shows (and trust me, I watch my fair share), I wish that Conrad’s show would have gotten a pick-up. There needs to be a balance in terms of reality content and sometimes I think networks ignore more documentary-style series if they’re not overflowing with watercooler-y drama. Not every show is made for catfights, public blowups, and cheating scandals; it’s nice to have shows that teach you things, show you a world that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. I have no doubt that Conrad will find her way and continue to grow her empire, as she tends to shy away from the tabloid coverage in a way that we’re not used to seeing from celebutantes. Instead of stumbling out of clubs or getting arrested several times over, Conrad is quietly making money and living her life, proof that real reality is the sweetest of them all.

Is this a good move for MTV? Would you have wanted to see a glimpse at Conrad’s career? Who’s the next Hills alum to get a spin-off? Are you going to watch Audrina when it premieres on VH1 this spring?

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