Apple Acquires Music Recognition App Shazam

Apple has almost made it the purchase of the Shazam app official. Shazam is for those that don’t know an app that allows for music recognition. It’s a purchase that should help Apple keep its share of the market cornered for a little while longer as technology and its many components seems to be growing by leaps and bounds each and every year and those apps that were once considered so great are now being updated and renovated in ways that will make them even more useful to the consumer. Shazam, as many people already know, is an app that can recognize and therefore identify any music that is being played nearby so that you won’t have trouble remembering the name of the song or who it’s by.

At the moment the Shazam app can do this and funnel users towards the purchase of the song on iTunes or can allow them to stream it over their phone or device as they wish. It takes a lot of the guessing game out of wondering just where you’ve heard a particular song or why something you just heard going down the street sounds so familiar. Of course you still need to have your device on you in order to access Shazam and you need to be quick enough to get the app open for it to work. But seeing as how a lot of people go walking around with their phones either in hand or their eyes glued to the screen that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Remember the days when you would hear a tune and not be able to get it out of your head until you finally figured out what it was? You might have heard just a snippet of the song or perhaps the beginning or the ending before you tuned it out but it stuck with you for a while until you finally found the album or heard it again. Shazam takes away the irritation of not being to hear the song again since it can tell you then and there who sang it and what the title was. That’s a lot of convenience tucked away into a single app.

It does seem like it would take some of the mystery out of things though. As frustrating as it could be not remembering a song title or who performed it that only made people more determined to find out and perform their own search for the desired song and artist. Now people push a button and their phone tells them everything. It’s simple and it’s convenient but it still takes a lot of the pleasure out of it for some people. Ah well, we can all do with a little more simple in our lives and this app definitely helps out in that department.

There currently around 175 million users that access the Shazam app throughout world, and at least 20 million of them are in the US. Since it didn’t attract enough users on its own Apple decided to purchase the app and is expected to make something rather profitable out of the purchase.

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