There Aren’t Enough Rap Songs About Staying Home on a Friday Night and Saving Money

There’s little more than fire and brimstone being hurled about. Forget the insults and mud, now we’re down to straight up siege engines of hatred and vitriol being cast about by politicians and rappers alike. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, take a look at the special message that rapper Eminem sent to Trump just recently and make your own decisions about his ensuing rant. He might have a few good points and his passion level is up there in the clouds, but wouldn’t it be nice if rappers went back to entertaining us instead of playing politics?

I get it Em, you’re mad as hell about what Trump has done in his short reign as the POTUS thus far, it’s a message that a lot of people are getting and one that a lot of people agree with. But right now you’re feeding the same fire as Trump, the only issue is that it’s gotten so high that neither one of you can see each other on the other side. If it was allowed to die down just for a moment you both might see that the conflict is not going away no matter how hard you strike back at each other. In truth I’m not certain that Trump even understood half the words that Eminem was using since it might have gone too fast for him even in freestyle.

Oh yes, I’m bad, I don’t support Trump but I’m not going to line up and shake Eminem’s hand at this moment either. I miss the days when he was rapping a single knuckle on the camera lens and saying “Excuse me.” Remember those videos? The ones that started out with “Hi, my name is…”. Those were a lot of fun and could get people excited to see this rapper again. Nowadays however the stain of politics is all that it seems to be about. It’s that way in music, in sports, and even in acting. When in the world did it become a thing for politics to pollute every last facet of life?

What happened to the days of Fantastic Voyage and the like? Remember the days when Coolio was rapping about taking a ride and just having a good time? Or when Snoop and Dre were talking about how it ain’t nuthin but a G thang? Why can’t those days seem to find a way back to us at this point? The most prominent rappers know the words, they know how to get people loose and relaxed, and yet so far a lot of them are continuing the fight to stand up and continue the fight against their own countrymen in a manner that’s just feeding the fire that could eventually consume the nation.

I mean come on y’all, let’s take a ride. Don’t you say nothin’ just get inside. It’s time to take yourself on another kind of trip. Because you can’t have the hop if you don’t have the hip. I mean come on, come along and ride one a fantastic voyage.


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