Great Uses of Songs in Movies: Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” in “Boogie Nights”

Boogie Nights was a crazy movie all on its own but using Sister Christian by the Night Rangers for this particular scene seemed to ramp up the danger in that moment and create a situation that made it less certain that the sellers would be leaving the room intact. If you’ve watched the movie then you know how the scene goes and just why the music is so loud. A guy looking to buy a kilo of cocaine isn’t really the type that you want to try and steal from, but the second clue that they should have been making tracks was the fact that he was so wasted that he was attempting to play Russian Roulette without the benefit of another player.

Add onto that the fact that his bodyguard was strapped and that the only person in the trio that had a gun was the most unstable among them and these guys should have conducted the deal and split without question. But greed is sometimes more powerful than common sense and obviously Todd wanted more than was safe since he had to open his big mouth and act all tough in front of two guys with guns while thinking he could cover them both. Dirk and Reed just wanted to get out and wound up getting shot at while Todd ended up dead on the living room floor. It was a wise decision for Dirk to go back to Jack after this debacle, as pornography might not be the most desirable industry for some people, but it seems a lot safer if you stay away from the insanity that can consume a person.

There’s been a lot of questions on how a person can get into pornography and even more about how a person stays there for so long. For a long time it was considered to be a dirty secret that some actors could never fully outrun. The job does include being penetrated in a very intimate manner on a constant basis and a lot of society tends to look down on such a thing no matter if a lot of that same society will secretly watch it and never speak of it. The toll it takes on the actors is apparently a lot harder than many might think about, but Boogie Nights shows the strain and the stress that such stars are under on a constant basis at times unless they fully immerse themselves in the culture and don’t mind the garbage that comes along from time to time.

Boogie Nights was of course a look into that world through the eyes of a Hollywood movie but there’s not a lot to say that it’s not real. While a lot of it is glamorized the content isn’t so far off the mark that it might be considered to be purely fictional in nature. Those that have gone through it and those that attempted to make the kind of deal that is shown in the clip could attest that some of it seems a little too real.

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