Listen To The Main Score For “Ready Player One” From Composer Alan Silvestri

Listening to the main score for Ready Player One you can really hear the notes from the 80’s that Alan Silvestri lays down and you can get a feel that he’s bringing a decade back to life in a way that a lot of us might find pretty cool as well a overdue. The movie has a lot of 80’s and even 90’s themes to it since let’s face facts, those decades are well behind us and are fond memories for a lot of moviegoers that can still recall going to see Back to the Future and other such films that were iconic for their day. So far the film looks great and seems to be promising to be something that will take us all back in time and create a wave of nostalgia so high that we should be able to ride it for the entire length of the movie and walk out of the theater later thinking that nothing we’ve seen lately has been so meaningful as this.

That might be pushing it a bit but you can understand the gist of if you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. Those years were our most formative since we were learning about the world and coming into our own when it came to what kind of movies we wanted to watch, the type of music we were into, and the way we reacted to the world around us as it continued to change. The numerous references to those decades is what seems to make the film the special kind of something that can grab our attention and then go off and do its thing while we stand patiently at attention just waiting to see what will come. The moment the DeLorean showed up a lot of people’s eyes widened and they started noticing the many different characters and vehicles within the film if they hadn’t already. The number of references to the 80’s and 90’s are so numerous that people might have to watch the movie twice or even three times to see them all.

If you’re a movie buff that shouldn’t be much of a stretch and from the opening music you should be able to catch elements of many different movies that you enjoyed as a kid, if you were born before the 90’s. Even those that were born during and after the 90’s could possibly pick up on a lot of the imagery and iconic images that are being shown so far since a lot of them are images that helped create the world that we know now in terms of movies, video games, music, and so on. It’s important to remember after all that everything that’s come before what we know now is vital to our present and our future since it set the tone and raised the bar first. This movie is going to be a pleasant reminder it seems of the days when we were young and pop culture was starting to rule the world.

Strap in and get ready player one, since it’s just about time to hit the START button.

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