Musical Moments on TV: “Zou Bisou Bisou” on Mad Men

Musical moments like this one on Mad Men certainly take the spotlight at times. It also tends to introduce main characters like Megan since her rendition of Zou Bisou Bisou by Gillian Hills tends to steal the show for just a bit. Yet these are the moments that get remembered the most since these are the moments that tend to capture the eyes and the ears of people watching. You can see the reaction in the room as well as it turns from uncertainty to amazement and in some cases quiet judgment that you know won’t fade away for the rest of the show. that seems to be the lifeblood of such shows like Mad Men. However, despite the seductive nature of this moment and the passion it might incite in others and even in Don Draper, if you’ve watched the show all the way through you know that it’s not enough to do much more than keep them together for long.

Mad Men is a show that you really have to get into in order to like, just like any program. There are those few programs that you can watch on and off and not be totally invested in to get the full effect. But Mad Men is not one of them. If you want to know what’s going on, if you want to be in the know when it comes to this program, you really have to watch and pay attention to each and every episode that comes along. Having concluded its last season in May of 2015 the entire show is now available for people to watch On Demand, on DVD, or in any other manner that it might be available, so that you can see moments like these over and over if you’d like. But after watching a few episodes you should get the idea that while there is a lot of glamour and a lot of glitz to the show, there’s also a lot going on underneath the main current that you don’t get to see.

I’m kind of thinking that this is what pulled a lot of people into the show and kept them put when watching it. The glitzy overcoat that many shows tend to wear isn’t enough to keep a lot of people around if there isn’t something just as enticing underneath it. Each showrunner that’s ever pushed a program to a major network knows that if they want to be featured in a favorable time slot they have to show their hands at least a little in order to make the studios believe that they’re offering them more than window dressing. Had the creators of Mad Men given a scene like this one to the execs they might not have had much of chance to push the rest of their ideas. But given that there was so much built up by this point about Draper and everyone else, this was a pleasing moment in TV history that was as relaxed and desired as it could be.

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