The Top Uses of Barry Manilow Songs in Movies or TV

Barry Alan Pincus, better known by his stage name, Barry Manilow, has been performing for well over 50 years now and while some people might not be able to understand why his music is so hot and so desirable others could easily tell them it’s because he’s been a star since before a lot of us were even a thought in our parents’ heads. His career has been something that’s been cemented in history and stamped certified for decades now and isn’t bound to go anywhere anytime soon. He’s been entertaining people with the sound of his voice for so long that it seems like not having him around would be a true loss, and it would be to be honest. Even in his 70s he’s still a treasure to have around.

And his music has been featured in many different places when it comes to movies and TV.

5. Despicable Me – Copacabana

This is why you don’t send the minions out for anything other than the most essential things possible. Of course since Gru didn’t want to do it and couldn’t be bothered the minions were the only ones left that could do it. And of course why not throw Copacabana into the mix, it makes sense right? Okay maybe it doesn’t make that much sense but neither did the movie and it was considered to be a hit since it was cute and in some ways hilarious.

4. Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Can’t Smile Without You

It was well known that Abe was a bit of a softy when it came to his emotions but who knew that a few brews could get Hellboy to open up? It’s too bad this touching moment between friends had to be ruined by a homicidal elven prince that was bent on taking Hellboy out and retrieving the next piece of the crown he needed to fire up the Golden Army. Really, that just seems rude. But you had to know that Hellboy was going to come back and kick some major butt later on in the move because hey, he’s Hellboy. But yeah, this was a touching moment between two buddies that was just kind of funny to watch.

3. Will & Grace – Mandy

Ever notice how Barry Manilow songs are used as comedic moments for some shows? It’s a serious hope that Debra Messing has a much kinder and gentler singing voice than this, but one can assume that she might at least. But when she has a falling out with her mother and seems to feel some remorse she can’t help but break into song, and boy is that a bad idea. Debra Messing might have decent voice, but Grace has a warble that would make a crow fly away in sheer horror.

2. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – Copacabana

Leave it to Carlton to tell someone how to sing when in truth he’s kind of like the walking poster child for what happens when a no-talent little man decides to gain a gram of confidence in skills that he doesn’t have. Ah well, you can at least say that Carlton does have confidence in himself to begin with, and that’s kind of impressive. The only reason that the two of them took Uncle Phil to the restaurant was to sit down with Aunt Vivian and try to reconcile their differences. Of course once Carlton, Will, and their other aunt took the stage things started to get a little weird, especially when they started channeling Harry Belafonte.

1. Dancing With The Stars – Copacabana

It’s actually pretty cool how this show will manage to find the artist and have them come and sing their own songs sometimes. For the dancers it might not make a lot of difference but it would be something that might seem kind of inspiring and make you perform just a little better knowing that the actual artist that made the song or at least made it famous is up on stage singing while you’re dancing. For some people that would be a huge rush.

So if you don’t like Barry Manilow then you might not understand why his songs are still so popular but that’s okay. It’s something for each person to figure out on their own and to like or not like. But the man has been a certified star for so long that trying to say that he’s not is tantamount to sacrilege in the eyes of many people. He’s paid his dues many times over when it comes to being famous and is able to claim his spot in the limelight without any contest at this point. His music has been featured in so many different venues by now that one only has to say his name and people will understand who that person is talking about. His music is great whether people love it or just like it, and it should be around for some time to come.

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