The Top Uses of The Belairs Songs in Movies or TV

The Belairs were a surf rock band that lasted from 1961 to 1963. They had a reunion in 1986 but it seems safe to say that these guys were more well known to those that are into surf rock and follow the kind of music that they played. Otherwise they’re kind of an obscure band that didn’t last too long and were there and gone before a lot of people even got to hear about them. The fact that they’re still being mentioned at all has got to be because they were influential in their genre and did inspire other bands to follow after them with their own sound while integrating that of the Belairs.

5. Bedlam

Their sound is pretty cool and definitely helps to define the generation. I do wonder why they didn’t last that long though. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be or was more of a hobby for some of them while for the rest it was a real chance to do something with their lives. Music is kind of funny that way, you’re either a hobbyist or someone that really wants to get into it and will do anything it takes to stick with it.

4. Squad Car

There’s not a lot on the band that can be found that doesn’t talk about how they were a great surf rock band of the time and were influential in the formation of other bands and their music. Really it’s more like they came on the scene for something to do and then just split when they might have been at the peak of their success. Finding these guys isn’t hard but finding all of their music and where it’s been use is extremely difficult to impossible.

3. Mr. Moto

The idea that a band could rise and fall so quickly isn’t hard to imagine simply because it does happen quite often. Guys get together thinking something great is going to happen and then life can step in and wreck it all to pieces. That might not be what happened here but the fact that they didn’t have a reunion for the next twenty-three years has got to mean something.

2. Blue Note Summer

At least one or two of them kept playing and decided to keep something of their sound alive since they have been noted as still being around and are very much still active. Obviously they’ve lost the youthful touch to their music as time has gone on and they’ve had to adapt, but they’re still worth listening to since they still produce a great sound and are very entertaining.

1. Springfest 2017

I’ve heard it said that some bands should just know when to quit and throw in the towel but that kind of defeatist attitude is what can kill off a lot of great up and comers that might have been something at one point and time. While the Belairs didn’t really show a lot of staying power in the industry they still had a great sound that was worth the effort.

Now if only I could find a movie or a TV show their music was featured in.

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