The Top Uses of Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna” in Movies or TV

Carl Orff’s O Fortuna has been called one of the most overused pieces of music in any medium and yet it’s still used to this day as an inspirational and very dramatic piece that is able to convey something epic within each film, TV show, and even commercial that it’s used for. There’s nothing wrong with using it again and again so long as those using it recall that it is something rather special and isn’t to be tossed around like a child’s toy to be played with whenever it feels convenient. The level of power that this piece holds, when played correctly, is enough to energize the spirit and move the soul as you can almost expect that something great will come along very soon.

Here are just a few of the best examples.

5. Jackass: The Movie

This is on the fringe of what I was talking about above when it comes to just tossing this piece into anything. Jackass is about one of the craziest shows to ever be realized but the movie at least ramped up the stunts to another level, and in some cases reached new lows that we won’t discuss. But the opening at least was something impressive even if a lot of people would never in their life ride a giant shopping cart down a road while cannons were firing loads of bricks and dust at them.

4. The General’s Daughter

The web of deception in this movie called for something a little more powerful than the soundtrack had already provided, but it fit into the movie quite nicely as it shows Travolta doing his best to find out who killed the general’s daughter and why everyone is so keen on keeping secrets that could solve the case. It seems that being a cop inside the military would be harder than being a cop on the streets.

3. Excalibur

There are few epics in the history of film that would deserve the use of this song more so than Excalibur, as the very mention of this movie brings to mind the legend of King Arthur and his knights of the round table. The legend is so well known and so beloved that nothing else would have done for this movie. From the set up to the grand battle the movie is something that’s been idolized for years.

2. WWE

There will always be dominant forces in the WWE but no one has ever been like the Undertaker when it comes to truly impressing and intimidating their opponents. The mere mention of the deadman was enough to send spikes of fear running up and down a person’s spine as they stood in the ring trying to go face to face with the Undertaker. He cut a swath through the locker room that went unrivaled for a long time. And yet behind the scenes he was of one of the most helpful mentors to all the new talent apparently.

1. Fist Fight

It’s amazing what can happen when you just stand up for yourself and finally face the music. Of course it’s not all good as Campbell figures out, but if you can weather through the storm of bad stuff and come out the other side then you might find that you can affect more positive change in your environment than you first believed. It’d be nice to do it without having to fight someone that’s way above your weight class though.

It might be overused, but O Fortuna is still classic.

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