The Top Uses of Cinderella Songs in Movies or TV

Cinderella managed to stay together longer than anyone might have thought. The band was fairly successful, having sold 15 million albums worldwide, but they were constantly plagued by setbacks that continued to force their popularity to decline as the years continued to go by. For the most part they really didn’t do much when they got back together in 1997, and by 2017 they’d decided that it was time to part ways for good, at least according to the most recent news.

The popularity of the big hair bands wasn’t bound to live on all that long as music continued to change.

5. Moscow Music Peace Festival-Nobody’s Fool

Back in their day, the day of the big hair bands, they could put on a concert just as well as anyone and the fans would line up to see them. Concerts were sold out pretty much anywhere they went and they were considered to be one of the premier bands that people would pay to see. Some folks went so far as to virtually ignore the other bands just to see Cinderella and enjoy grooving to their screeching beats.

4. Wayne’s World-Hot and Bothered

Wayne’s World still stands as one of the greatest movies ever made no matter that it was kind of goofy and didn’t even seem to take itself seriously. That aside, the movie was something special that allowed an entire generation to realize the genius and insanity of Mike Meyers as he turned it on to 11 and started one of the greatest runs in Hollywood that finally culminated in the Austin Powers trilogy.

3. Beavis and Butthead-Somebody Save Me

It’s kind of funny to think that Beavis and Butthead would make fun of anyone that was into hard rock and metal but then again when you look at the kind of stuff that really got them going, Cinderella was a bit removed from the kind of stuff they would like. Yes I know it’s a cartoon, but Beavis and Butthead became more than just a cartoon when people embraced them so readily back in those days.

2. Cinderella-Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

I would say that as one of their most recognized songs that this monster ballad was something that was quite special and had more meaning to it for a lot of people than many of Cinderella’s other songs. It was kind of cheesy and didn’t seem to fit their overall menu of hits but it did manage to make an impact and stick around when it came to people enjoying it. Every band has at least one song that’s just a little bit sentimental.

1. Cinderella-Shake Me

Taking off their namesake a bit this video shows the Cinderella story in a much more contemporary way that adhered to the time period and was kind of a thrill for young women that could only dream about meeting the band. Back in those days big hair bands were all the rage and women went absolutely wild for the chance to get even close to the stage.

They had their time and it was good for a while.

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