The Top Uses of Ice T Songs in Movies or TV

Ice T is one of the guys that taught a lot of rappers how to get into the game and inspired even more. In movies and on TV his voice and his presence are larger than life, especially when he’s coming with a serious role or message that people need to hear. Back in the day he rapped like a thug and a hustler and made no mistake letting people know just what he was about. These days he’s turned actor but he still remembers his roots and what he stood for back in the day.

Age brings maturity and wisdom, but youth is always remembered for the fire and the passion they lay down before the years go by.

5. Gears of War 3-The Gears of War

Ice T is one of the hardest guys you’ll ever meet when it comes to rap since he was one of the first gangster rappers and as a result set the bar extremely high. In this game his character isn’t the toughest but he talks extremely tough and he knows how to get things done. The only problem is that his opposition is just a little bit tougher.

4. Hancock-Colors

Hancock is the guy that never wanted to be a hero and just wanted to be left alone. Yet he does what he can when he sees a problem, even if he ends causing a worse problem as a result. When a person comes along that’s both grateful for Hancock saving his life and is able to see potential in him, the one-man wrecking crew seems to find a chance to finally do something with his life. But of course he has to pay for all the stuff he’s done at least until the city wants him back.

3. WWE-Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

The Godfather was one of the more colorful and interesting entertainers in the WWE in his time. He had a couple of different appearances as different characters but none were quite so loved as this one. This character was highly popular during the Attitude Era of WWE, when they were allowed to get away with a LOT more than they do now. His entrance music would hit and then the ‘ho train’ would follow behind him as he made his way to the ring. Yeah, can’t do that now.

2. Judgement Night (w/ Slayer)-Disorder

Judgement Night was a movie about a group of guys that wandered into the wrong neighborhood on their way to a boxing match and hit a guy with their RV. Taking him inside was a big mistake since they figure out that he’s not only wanted by a local gang but that their policy is to leave no witnesses. Throughout the rest of the night the guys have to find a way to escape the neighborhood and elude the gang at the same time.

1. New Jack City-New Jack Hustler

New Jack City is by far one of the best movies that Ice T has acted in or performed for. When Nino Brown decides to take over the city by dealing cocaine he becomes one of the biggest nightmares the police have ever seen. It takes the combined efforts of Scotty and the entire force to bring Nino down, but in the end another dealer always seems to rise.

He set the tone back in the day, and is still remembered for it.

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