The Top Uses of Lita Ford Songs in Movies or TV

Lita Ford was a member of the Runaways from their beginning until their parting in 1979. It’s too bad really that they had to part ways since they were quite popular for a while and had an awesome sound. But the fact is that there were just too many differing opinions and this led to the band parting ways when it couldn’t be agreed upon as to just what they wanted to sound like. A lot of fans lamented the downfall of the band but to this day you’d be hared-pressed to find someone that could tell you just who the Runaways were.

They had their shot at glory but kind of let it go way too early.

5. WWE-Playin’ With Fire

The WWE has been experimenting with the inclusion of women for years. For a while though the division was pretty thin since there weren’t a lot of women that wanted to go out and become a wrestler and dress in such tight, provocative clothing. As of the last twenty to thirty years however women have been on the rise in the sport and have been carving their own place within the ranks as they continue to ascend.

4. Karaoke Revolution-Close My Eyes Forever

You’d kind of have to be a real diehard Lita Ford fan to really know about this and possibly be inclined to sing some of her music to even give it a try. There are still fans out there that remember her and are more than willing to pay attention to what she does and what she’s all about, but with so many different women and female groups in music it’s hard to compete these days. Even being a classic rocker doesn’t help all that much sometimes.

3. Robocop (TV series)-A Future to this Life

Obviously Robocop the TV series didn’t take off all that well, and in fact it might be that the cartoon, yes there was a cartoon, did just slightly better. There was a serious Robocop craze going on for  a while after the movie came out, and it spread like wildfire before it finally died down due to lack of interest. A TV series wasn’t bound to go much of anywhere since the idea was something that was best suited for film.

2. Beavis and Butthead-Close My Eyes Forever

This might seem like cheating since it is technically a music video. But it’s not really since Beavis and Butthead were a legitimate show. They weren’t the greatest show in the world obviously but they were a show that featured music videos, so there has to be a gray area in there somewhere that allows for this.

1. Sesame Street-Yakety Yak Take It Back

Sesame Street has always been able to use pop culture icons to get its message across and in the 90’s cartoons and positive messages were all the rage to be honest. While it wasn’t technically her song she got to participate in it so that should count for something.

Lita Ford is still at it to this day, proving that she can still rock and roll with the best of them.

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