The Top Uses of Nancy Sinatra Songs in Movies or TV

With a father like Frank Sinatra it’s not hard to reason that Nancy Sinatra would go into show business of some sort. She started in on her singing career in the 50’s, and from there it became evident that she was going to be something pretty big one day. Nancy had a lot to live up to thanks to her famous father but the great thing is that Frank would sing with her and encourage just enough to get Nancy on stage and to help her succeed. Her career didn’t exactly start with a bang but that could have been due to high expectations that weren’t initially met.

With one song though she managed to get the attention of an entire nation, if not the wider world as well.

5. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood-Some Velvet Morning

A lot of critics took to calling this song dark and obscure as it wasn’t the normal fare that Sinatra was known to put out. For all we know though it could have been something she was experimenting with and found interesting enough to release. Sinatra likely had a reputation before she really hit the scene that had more to do with her father than her actual performance, and that had to be something she found just a little bit daunting at times.

4. Better Call Saul- Sugar Town

In Breaking Bad Saul was a pretty big jerk, but in Better Cal Saul he’s not much less of a jerk, though now you get to understand why he is the way he is. Going into greater depth with this character didn’t make a lot of sense at first but fans were absolutely thrilled to hear that Saul was getting his own show. It goes to show just what some people figure is important in a TV program.

3. Full Metal Jacket-These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

This song kind of fits with this movie in a very disjointed way. Full Metal Jacket is a very messed up kind of movie in that it shows how seriously damaging the Marine corps can be for some of those that simply aren’t ready. It’s tough, it’s bound to test people and stretch them to their limits, but even those that survive aren’t always the same. Plus, being that this was set during the Vietnam War, American pop culture was just about everywhere.

2. The Sopranos-Bossman

It seems like the name Sinatra goes hand in hand with the mob for good or ill. It’s been that way for some time apparently whether Nancy’s father was that connected or not. Taking a lot of this on rumor alone isn’t quite good enough but the fact that she’s showing up on a show that is all about organized crime seems to state that the Sinatra’s did in fact make some bank off of the rumors.

1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery-These Boots Are Made for Walkin’

It’s funny simply because as alluring as they were supposed to be and how deadly they were the fembots were taken out by Austin in one of the silliest ways possible. He stripped down and danced for them and their circuits overloaded, causing them to explode.

She didn’t attain the same level of fame as her father but she was miles away from being a nobody.

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