The Top Uses of The Police’s “Every Breathe You Take” in Movies or TV

Despite being one of their defining songs, Every Breath You Take by The Police, and Sting in general, is a rather disturbing look at how obsessive one man can be about a woman. Sting even admitted that during his scandalous affair with his wife’s friend that he was being overly jealous and possessive and as a result had to step away for a while, during which he came up with this song. The idea that anyone would play this song at their wedding, and they have, and the fact that so many people love this song without ever really knowing what it was about is a bit creepy. But then most people tend to think of things from so many different perspectives that it’s easy to see how they would just let the more disturbing side of it go.

Each person hears what they want to.

5. Stranger Things

Since it’s mostly the pace and rhythm of the song and the fact that it was a very defining song for The Police in the 80’s it seems okay to let it ride in this show. Plus the kids were a bit entitled to their happiness at the moment since no one even knew just what kind of trouble Hawkins was in and what they did to insure that it wouldn’t fall to something that no one could understand.

4. Dancing With The Stars

This-is-just-creepy. I know Frankie Muniz hasn’t done a lot since his role in Malcolm in ┬áthe Middle, but this is something uniquely disturbing since he’s watching his fellow dancer through a window and guiding her movements with his own. Despite being part of the act it just seems hard to fathom that this kind of dance routine wouldn’t get points deducted for the chills it provided.

3. Rush Hour 2

Puff Daddy was quick to put a positive spin on this song when the Notorious B.I.G. was shot. He took something that was increasingly disturbing and made it into a stunning tribute that can still be heard today when someone meaningful passes. Many people will actually play this at their weddings, school dances, or anywhere they feel like it, which brings back the weirdness.

2. The Police

Sting was really put on blast for his infidelity and likely lost a lot of fans for the immoral nature of his affair. But somehow that still didn’t manage to stifle his creative talent as he came up with this song while off in the Caribbean trying to gain some distance from just about everyone. When he tried to tell people just what the song was about no one seemed to get the point that he was actively condemning himself.

1. The Replacements

If the NFL isn’t careful about how it handles itself and its players in the future we could be looking at something like this happening. People are getting tired of watching multi-millionaires air their grievances on the field and could possibly turn to those that want to play and won’t need the millions that are offered to other players.

I’ll be honest and say that the song unnerved me a bit at first but now it really seems creepy.

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