The Top Uses of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” in Movies or TV

If you’ve heard this song before then you know what to listen for when the organ music comes in the beginning and the voice of Prince sparks up, giving what almost sounds like a eulogy on this thing called life. It’s a very iconic and powerful sound that managed to make this song into his second number one hit and allowed the song to travel upwards on the charts even after his passing.  The song seems to have a lot of people thinking that it speaks about having or clinging to Christian values, but whatever you want to believe about it is typically the way that it’s looked at. Prince was one of the most popular artists ever and managed to push his music to a level that a lot of people didn’t understand but still loved all the same.

Here are a few instances in which this song can be found.

5. Jimmy Fallon & The Roots

Jimmy Fallon is a big supporter of artists like Prince since he tends to give them props all the time. He might just be a big fan of music since his tastes seem to run to a lot of different songs across different genres. Be that as it may though he knows very well how to pay homage to them since he puts on one heck of a good show no matter what he decides to do.

4. Muppets Tonight

At one point and time almost every popular celebrity just had to have their time on the Muppet Show. It was almost standard during their run and was kind of expected at times since it was good exposure and the Muppets were the kind of medium that could be highly adaptable and possibly allow any artist to do what they wanted to, within reason of course.

3. Prince

Sometimes you just need to go back to the source of the song for one of the best representations. After all the singer is usually one of those that gives the best presentation until something else comes along that might draw a person’s attention. Prince was a true artist and one very good showman. He knew how to get the audience pumped up and could hold their attention easily.

2. Purple Rain

Purple Rain was a big success to a lot of people, Prince fans in particular. It was supposedly a movie that showed how the Kid had to adjust his manner and lifestyle in order to figure out that he wasn’t the smartest or most talented guy on stage. After that it was a matter of getting people to actually cheer for him so that he could keep his spot and continue to play his music.

1. Empire

Empire is one of the hottest shows on TV right now and the reason why is that they manage to keep everything fresh and from time to time it seems incorporate something that hasn’t been heard in a while. Prince songs are still very popular but hearing them on a show that’s still considered to be something of interest is a good way to keep fans.

Let’s go crazy has been heard in a lot of different areas of pop culture.

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