The Top Uses of Prokofiev’s “Dance of the Knights” in Movies or TV

If you’re into classical music then Prokofiev’s Dance of the Knights is something you have either already heard or should at least take a listen to. It’s got a very lilting quality throughout that’s almost playful and yet serious at the same time depending on how you take. The piece is brilliant for several instances in which it’s been found but in modern times seems to be adequate only for a select few performances that can still make use of it in an efficient manner. While this doesn’t take away from the music, not at all in fact, it does make it harder to really relate to the piece.

Classical music is a very conditional sound with some audiences.

5. Epica

I do believe that some classical composers would be spinning in their graves if they discovered just what had been done to their great works. Others might actually give them a chance and see that the marriage of classical music to hard rock could possibly be something wonderful. It doesn’t always mesh in the way that people want but the overall effect is quite alluring sometimes as each component compliments the other.

4. Movie Mix

The act of going to war seems to inspire a great many musicians and the horrors of war do just the same. You might recognize a few movies within this compilation but many of them are the same in that a great number of men are going to battle for a cause they believe in and will no doubt walk the line between what they must do and what they want to do when a situation comes along that they can’t handle.

3. Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was an absolute genius in his day and was one of the most sought after actors in his time. I don’t rightly know where this clip comes from but it shows him in one of the most despicable roles imaginable as you can easily guess who he’s starring as. At the very least it’s a representation of a man in the manner that only Chaplin could do in a time when film was much, much different.

2. Romeo and Juliet Ballet

This is what the song was written for to start with since Romeo and Juliet is a time-honored classic that many find absolutely enchanting. The story is one of great turmoil as well as great triumph no matter how one looks at it. The struggles of the two warring families take a hard toll on everyone involved, but in the end there is freedom and a lesson to be learned that cannot be ignored.

1. Gotham

In modern times this is really where the track shines the most since it seems custom made for the Batman mythos and thus is perfect for Gotham. The whimsy and bouncing sound accentuates the mood of the city and the dynamic between the characters in such a perfect manner that trying to use anything else seems like it would be folly.

I won’t claim to be a classical music lover but there is something to this piece that can draw a person in.

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