The Top Uses of Rakim Sons Song ‘Know The Ledge’ in Movies or TV

The song Juice (Know The Ledge) showed up originally on the movie Juice and was a big reason why Rakim became known for his storytelling style and was able to get the kind of attention he wanted. This song has been featured on several different tracks and has even been cited by rapper 50 Cent as the song that made him want to become a rapper. The story told throughout the song is about a street hustler that has to deal with the kind of lifestyle he’s made for himself while trying to stay alive. It’s a very skillful song that has inspired more than just 50 Cent.

Here are just a few examples of where it’s been useful.

5. Fish Tank

This is definitely one of those messed up movies that you have to sit back after watching and go ‘wow’. Your life doesn’t look so bad after you watch a young girl alienate her friends, have sex with her mom’s boyfriend, find out he has a family, nearly drown his daughter, and then take off for Wales with someone she barely knows. This is a film that explores a few deep-seated issues that are very hard to fathom.

4. American Dad

American Dad is kind of like the Simpsons and Family Guy in that it uses the music that’s given to it as a gimmick a lot of times but can make it into something meaningful. However this time is more the former than the latter since Stan is all revved up about his SUV and simply wants it to feel superior on the road. Thankfully most SUV drivers don’t plow down the highway like this.

3. EA Skate

This is the instrumental version but some games tend to prefer this style over the original as the lyrics can sometimes get in the way and confuse the players. Personally I like hearing the music to its fullest potential in the game since the lyrics can add some force to the level of play as well as the music.

2. Eric B. & Rakim

This song was made back in a time when the music was still raw and pretty rough but was so well done that you got the feeling of what it must have been like on the streets growing up and what people in those days had to go through. There was always a choice of what to do but the choices were so limited and the opportunities that people saw in front of them so few that choosing the wrong path and making the quick money was alluring for a lot of people.

1. Juice

When you’ve got next to nothing that you feel proud about in your life and you want everything the quick and easy way to get it seems the most appealing. Hard work isn’t the same value that it used to be, but if you really look at it hard work has been on the decline ever since organized crime came about. It’s easier for some to pick up a gun and risk their lives and others for a few extra dollars than it is to go out and earn it.

This song carries a lot of meaning if you listen.

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