The Top Uses of Roy Orbison Songs in Movies or TV

Roy Orbison was known primarily for his big sounds and melodramatic songs. But if you think that’s a downside of his music then you might not have heard his songs all the way through, because quite honestly he was one of the most popular musicians around despite not being quite as big as a few others. His ballads were so big and so drawn out though that some people did in fact get turned off just because they seemed a little long-winded though. This was Orbison’s talent though, he told a story with his music and in many cases the long, drawn out notes actually made the song seem a little more complete. He passed away in 1988 but his music has still been widely used ever since and loved by fans everywhere.

Here are a few contributions his songs have made throughout the years.

5. Crying-The Walking Dead

If you thought a song by someone like Roy Orbison wouldn’t have a chance of making it on this show then you haven’t been watching The Walking Dead all that long. The show has featured a small host of artists that have a much more pronounced style of craftsmanship in their music and aren’t all about the heavy beats and metal feel that might otherwise accompany such a show.

4. You Got It-Nerve

I seriously hope there isn’t really an app like this but if there is then it would be all too obvious when people start doing things out of the blue only seconds before checking their phone to see if the dare was pulled off. Just like the movie though a lot of people might wonder just how far a person would actually go in terms of a dare. The limits would need to be set quickly and without reservation.

3. Blue Bayou-The Voice

This song has been used in a few different films and TV shows but when it’s sung by a new and unknown voice that can belt it out of the park so to speak it becomes something different that bears paying attention to. In many ways Roy Orbison’s songs are just waiting to be recaptured and redone in ways that were never fully intended, so long as they’re given the proper respect.

2. Only the Lonely-Only the Lonely

I would question whether anyone knows what it’s like to live with their mom well into their adult years but I’ve known a few guys that have done this and regretted it. The whole point of growing up is to develop into your own person and eventually lead your own life….away from your parents. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of your mother, but not at the expense of your own social life.

1. Pretty Woman-Pretty Woman

This is probably the ultimate Cinderella story without the wicked stepmother or stepsisters and a prince charming that doesn’t yet know what he wants. So it’s a loose version of that story in many regards despite the fact that it never tried to be. But in all honesty it’s probably one of the best rags to riches stories ever made, especially since it shows the development of the hooker with the heart of gold and the cold, aloof businessman that wants something more out of life.

You might think he was a bit long-winded, but Roy Orbison knew how to tell a story with his music.

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