The Top Uses of T. Rex Songs in Movies or TV

You might not remember but at one point and time T. Rex, known original as Tyrannosaurus Rex, was almost on par with the Beatles as far as their popularity went. They only lasted a decade but this was largely because their singer and songwriter died in 1977 due to a car crash. This happened after releasing their album Dandy in the Underworld. Since their split however they’ve still been able to exert a great deal of influence over the musical industry and have been featured in movies and TV.

Just because they’re not around doesn’t mean their music is going to fade away anytime soon.

5. Legion-Children of the Revolution

Taken from the pages of Marvel comics Legion is a mutant who has an uncontrollable amount of power that he can’t always access due to the fact that he’s been a schizophrenic for a good part of his life. The biggest secret from the comics, apart from which of his personalities would manifest next, is that he is the son of Charles Xavier, making him a very powerful and in some cases dangerous individual.

4. Baby Driver-Debora

Once you get involved with some people it’s hard to get out, but Baby has been attempting to do that ever since he made the mistake of robbing the wrong man. He’s one of the best drivers to ever work in the business but he tends to rub people the wrong way since he’s not much for talking and doesn’t possess a whole lot of people skills. If anything he just wants out of what he’s into and to live a better life that he’s been dreaming about for a while.

3. Dallas Buyer’s Club-Life is Strange

Based on a real story this film gives you a pretty in-depth look at what it takes to gain any type of change where pharmaceutical methods are concerned for AIDS patients. Whether it’s all true to form or not the general consensus is usually to start trying something until it’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it doesn’t work. That however is a rather dangerous practice as this film clearly shows. Sometimes people take matters into their own hands if they’re given nothing to hope for.

2. Death Proof-Jeepster

This movie is kind of messed up but it’s still entertaining. Of all the items you could think of to use in the murder of other people, a car being used in this manner wouldn’t be the first on the list. Of course getting run down by a car is a big one, but being beaten to death by evasive driving? That’s brutal. Also, being dismembered and having your face peeled off by a spinning tire, or an engine block shoved into your torso at high speed, doesn’t sound like too much fun either.

1. Jarhead-Bang a Gong (Get It On)

Out in the middle of the desert where there’s nothing to do but wait until the enemy attacks or you’re deployed sounds like a rough life. For the soldiers of Operation Desert Shield though there wasn’t much else to do but train, be vigilant, train some more, and of course stay hydrated at all times.

T. Rex would still be popular today I’m thinking if they’d kept at it.

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