Watch this Fingerstyle Guitar Maestro Cover A-ha’s “Take on Me”

This fingerstyle guitar maestro is pretty awesome as he covers A-ha’s song Take on Me. Those of you that grew up after the song was released might not recognize it unless you’ve listened to some of the older stuff but this guy is right on the money as he plucks out each individual string before launching into the rest of the song. His technique is awesome as fingerstyle guitar is basically the plucking of each string by one’s fingertips instead of using a pick. If you’ve ever tried to play guitar then you know how important it is to develop callouses on your fingers so that you can continue to play without getting sore constantly or bleeding from cracked fingertips. It takes some time but it’s worth it once you get there.

Launching into the song though this guy is just great since you can pick out the different notes without any difficulty and can even appreciate how he quickly tunes the guitar occasionally to get the right pitch. This person has likely been at this for a while as it shows from his playing that he’s completely comfortable with the quick movements and adjustments that are needed in order to make the guitar sing in his hands. The thumping of each hand on the guitar as well is something that makes the song just a little more resonant as he continues. Take on Me has been performed in many different ways but this is perhaps one of the most enticing manners in which it’s been heard yet since it’s all natural and has no accompaniment to it that could possibly overtake the core music.

The song itself has been enjoyed a large number of people since it’s release. As of now it’s a welcome throwback to the childhood and adolescent days of youth, something that people can fully identify with and enjoy as they listen. This version however would definitely keep people interested since it moves at the right pace and is just challenging enough to make a person listen closely so that they could pick out each part of the song as it moves forward. Fingerpicking certainly requires a quick, deft hand that doesn’t waver since this guy is on the spot each and every time. His left hand is almost a blur while his right maintains its position most of the time until it has to move as he needs it in order to perform one function or another. The manner in which he holds the guitar must be the most comfortable way to perform, though it likely varies from one person to the next. It’s still impressive since a lot of us upon touching a guitar would likely be tempted to put it on our lap and would be incapable of playing it like this right off the bat.

It’d be interesting to know just how much practice something like this required and how many years it would take to get this good. It’d definitely be worth it.

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