Musicians Read Out Weirdly Specific Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

Those who are familiar with and watch ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on a daily basis will also be familiar with his segments, including that of ‘Mean Tweets’. A slew of celebrities of all different industries have made their way to the show to read Mean Tweets about themselves that are brought on by the public, and this time, it was time for a music edition of the segment. From Pink, to Fall Out Boy, to Alice Cooper, and so many more, we hear some of the ridiculous things that come out of the minds of fans and haters everywhere. In this article, we are going to break down some of these mean tweets from the segment, and how the celebrities themselves handle what the public really thinks about them. With that said, let’s break down the video of these mean tweets.

Know How To Find The Funny

Honestly, when you are listening to and reading some of these tweets that people are dishing out to the celebs, they are super humorous and quite witty as well. Luckily, the majority of these celebs are playing it off the same way. From Nick Jonas being compared to a ferret, to Green Day being thought of while sitting on the toilet, these stars know how to combat the haters, and how to get over the so called ‘hate’ that is sent their way every single day. With that said, kudos to all of the musicians who continue to make their music and express themselves even after all the haters who post these ‘mean tweets’.

Who Thinks About This Stuff?

As we’re watching this segment of ‘Mean Tweets: Music Edition’, we can’t help but wonder how people can have so much time on their hands to think about these musicians and their music in such a strange way. Yes, they are pretty hilarious tweets, and clever, but who honestly has that much stamina to need to tell the world a pointless, judgey sentence about a famous person? The world will more than likely never know. But, it does make for a good laugh here and there, especially when the celebs themselves are able to shake it off like its no big deal, as we mentioned a bit before. It takes a strong person to find it in themselves to shrug off the hate, and these musicians are clearly champs at it.

Once you watch one segment of ‘Mean Tweets’, you will get hooked, so be warned. Its honestly so entertaining not just because of the silly remarks that are made on the tweets themselves, but also because of the reactions that we see from the celebrities as well. Jimmy Kimmel has had quite a few celebs on his show to read out their mean tweets, and you can find many of them on YouTube and also streaming from Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. This has been our deeper look at the music edition video segment of ‘Mean Tweets’.

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