My Hero Academia Review: What A Twist!

This week’s episode of My Hero Academia was split into two parts, the first half wrapped up the battle at the training camp and the second half set up what will become a major turning point in the series.

The pacing was key to this episode, since, despite the fact that two major plot points happened within it, nothing feels overstuffed. There was a bit of a rush when it came to Bakugo’s capture and Deku attempting to save him, but the emotion and tension was strong enough to make up for it. Otherwise, the twists and turns were all given enough time to play out, as was the drama with the students stuck inside, a powerful moment that was the high point of the episode and ended up connected to its latter half.

When the students inside are forced to stay put as the villains attack, Kirishima wants to go out and fight, but he is stopped. Despite the passion and fire within him, telling him to go out there and fight to protect his friend, he must stay where he is, and when Bakugo does get taken, Kirishima is just as fired up. This time, he’s actually going to do something instead of standing by, which will come to fruition in next week’s episode.

Aside from this, things are a bit straightforward. Not in a negative way, but in the sense that things played out nicely overall, with a few noteworthy moments, like Kirishima’s feelings of uselessness, Bakugo’s capture, and especially Yuga Aoyama’s moment of heroism. In the previous episode, Yuga cowered in fear as the villains took over, his fear causing him (and the viewers) to question if he was really hero material or not.

But, in this week, there was a small, but powerful moments where he managed to help save Tokoyami’s life, and even though it was from the sidelines (or, more accurately, a shrub) it was still a strong character moment for him. He pushed past that fear to help out in whatever way he could, and there was a lot of power in that moment, despite the fact that both it, and the setup in the previous episode were very small parts of the story.

In the final moments of the episode, Deku wakes up from his injuries to find out what happened, surrounding by all of his fellow classmates… save for Bakugo. Both Deku and Kirishima are determined to do something about Bakugo, despite the fact that they would be in a huge amount of trouble, both with the school and with the law. But again, there is a lot of emotion and power behind how upset Kirishima is about his inaction during the whole crisis, he wants to do something in the moment, similar to how Deku acts, he rushes in to help others.

Wether or not its a good thing that Deku’s heroic nature is rubbing off on his fellow students — good because he is the best Shonen boy to ever exist, bad because he doesn’t always think when he rushes in to help others — we know we’re in for an explosive upcoming story arc, since we will see young heroes who have faced villains twice now and think they are good enough to take them on head on, an overconfidence that could cost them their lives.

We can’t wait to see what happens, so check in next week for another My Hero Academia review!

My Hero Academia: Season 3, Episode 7
  • S3E07 - What A Twist!


This week’s My Hero Academia wrapped up the battle at the training camp while setting up a larger fight to come.

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