Mythbusters: You Had us at Shrimp Cannon Fail

The guys at Mythbusters aren’t messing around in their final season.   In tonight’s episode called “Cooking Chaos,”  the guys decide to do an experiment with a shrimp and a cannon.  Put it this way:  When the best you can say about the shrimp cannon test is that you’re covered in shrimp guts, things can only get better.

But the episode starts off even crazier.  Is it possible to create fruit juices by doing nothing but using fruit and explosions in a lake?  Find out what happens when the guys destroy their favorite sweet nectar.

But like we said earlier, the moment everyone waits for comes from a viral video that became popular this week.  Two women decide to put shrimp to the test by creating this crazy cannon to shoot them out of.  Of course the fellas have to test this out to see if it’s real.   And it’s not just seeing how tough a shrimp is. It’s actually seeing if you can create a meal out of shooting shrimp.  Stations are set up with flour, eggs, and other ingredients.  Can firing a shrimp through all these stations actually work and speed up the process of cooking a shrimp?

Who knows?  One thing’s for sure though.  When the show has lots of explosions you know it’s gonna be good.

Check out Mythbusters on Discovery Saturday nights at 9pm est.


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