Nashville Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Secrets, Lies and the Ultimate Confession


Rayna finds herself way in over her head when she agrees to take Deacon as her date to the Country Music Awards in the Season 1 Finale of Nashville. The first step is talking to her girls about it. They both like “Uncle” Deacon but it’s clear that Maddie has something more on her mind while Rayna is talking to her about it. That’s probably because Maddie went digging around and found paperwork that states pretty obviously that Teddy is not her real father. And of course, when she questions Deacon about it, he doesn’t know a thing.

That big question puts a damper on their date when Deacon fails to pick Rayna up and appears late at the Awards ceremony. After their performance, they finally have a chance to talk about it and Rayna drops the emotional equivalent of an atom bomb on Deacon’s lap when she admits that he is in fact Maddie’s father. She couldn’t tell him about it when Maddie was born because he was so messed up, in and out of rehab. Deacon is pretty interested in why she never told him after he became and remained sober for so many years. Is there any way for these two to fix the damage done by this long buried secret?

Meanwhile, Deacon has even more on his plate when it’s clear the Juliette blames him for everything that led to Jolene’s death. How will she handle the aftermath? Can she keep her head high? Or will the pain of it all drag her down, too?

Be sure to visit the Nashville page for more recaps and information. Don’t miss the season finale on May 22 at 10:00 PM EST on ABC.




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