10 Things You Didn’t Know about Natalia Tena

You might not recognize her all done up like this but Natalia Tena is quite the looker you should be able to admit when she’s not playing a part that calls for her to look scruffy but somehow still appealing. This glamour shot is something else and does accentuate just how attractive she really is, but her acting makes her even more alluring as she tends to play characters that are a bit rough around the edges but generally have a pretty decent moral center to them, sometimes. Natalia is one of those actors that you recognize right away but you do need a moment to figure out where they’ve appeared before. Thankfully she comes to mind pretty quickly since her performances are top notch even if they’re supporting or not all that big. One thing is for certain, she needs to work her way into a position where she can take the lead eventually.

Here’s a few things you might not have known.

10. She’s a fan of Helena Bonham Carter.

This makes sense considering that Carter is a great actress and someone that tends to be very helpful on a set. Plus the two worked on more than one Harry Potter film together and no doubt managed to connect at time or two.

9. She’s a supporter of Survivor International.

Natalia is a big supporter of human rights and has been seen to be very dedicated in stamping out injustices where she sees them. Many tend to say such things but she has been noted as doing something to help those that seek out offenders and bring them to justice.

8. She’s the lead singer for a band.

The name of the band is Molotov Jukebox, which is kind of an odd name but also inventive at least. To think that she has a nice voice and a great look is something that you would hope would be utilized more in films.

7. She plays Tonks in Harry Potter.

Tonks was one of those fun characters that you had an idea wouldn’t last too long, but she did manage to show up for several of the Harry Potter films, right up until she and Remus were killed off. It’s kind of sad really because they’d had a child not too long before. But Tonks was amusing because initially she was the slightly immature character that would entertain the kids and never took much seriously. But by the time her end came she was all business.

6. She knows how to play the accordion.

This might look like it would be easy enough to learn…oh who am I kidding. This looks pretty difficult and also as though it would take some time and effort to really get down. That she’s able to do this and sing is amazing.

5. She’s an atheist.

How we believe is a personal choice after all. Not everyone is as bound by religion as others throughout the world and while atheists are sometimes berated for their non-belief the truth of it is that they simply don’t choose to follow the religious path. It doesn’t mean they don’t believe in anything.

4. She was in Game of Thrones.

The character of Osha was kind of an odd to be sure. She served a purpose but at the same time she could have been done without for the most part. It’s almost as though Martin threw her in there for a bit of flavor, a different kind of perspective that was needed at the time, but then, as he does with his characters, he killed her off in a most gruesome fashion. It’s becoming evident that not a lot of characters in Game of Thrones get to have a peaceful death.

3. She has a firm belief that nerds are the best.

Whether you’re a nerd or not it can be surmised that the nerd life is pretty interesting since those that identify with it are seen to have some of the most fun with the kind of things that those that don’t understand the life can’t even fathom.

2. She’s performed on stage as well.

Natalia is quite the actor as she’s been around for a bit and is able to get in front of the camera, get up on stage, act, sing, play an instrument, and do it all very well. This is the kind of actress that needs to be going places if she so desires and hopefully we’ll continue to see her owning her roles for the next many years.

1. She’s close friends with Oona Chaplin.

There’s a feeling that the cast of GoT is a very close-knit bunch in some regards and some of the cast members would echo this sentiment. Even if they had no scenes together this cast is one big family that probably don’t always get along but for the most part have been together for quite some time.

She seriously needs to start being utilized as a leading lady.

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