NBC Says No to Heroes Movie

Heroes became a sort of punching bag towards the end of its run. It couldn’t get ratings, the stories were frequently trite, the once enormous fan-base had withered away to a hard core stuck in denial. Heroes had it rough in the end, it couldn’t even get canceled succinctly – leaving fans wondering for weeks what the plan was for their beloved, yet embattled, show. There was talk of a final reduced season to wrap things up, and hints of a Heroes movie should that plan fall apart. Long after the series was officially canceled, the final word has come down from Mount Peacock: there will be no Heroes movie. It’s over. Screw your closure.

The news isn’t necessarily newsworthy, Kring and NBC made many valiant efforts to lure Heroes‘ erstwhile fans back to the show, but they just weren’t biting. After several seasons of trying every trick in the book to at least slow the attrition of Heroes‘ fan base, it wouldn’t have made much sense for NBC to invest in an effort to bring closure to a story that hadn’t been profitable for them for some time.

On the other hand, NBC should consider the fact that a final chapter very well could bring back a considerable slice of the first season’s mammoth audience if it were not tied to the disastrous plot lines in-between. The first season of Heroes had a lot of heart and a terrific cast performing some genuine character work – bringing that magic back wouldn’t so much be appeasing a Terry Malloy “I coulda been somebody” please. It might be a bit like turning your head to look for gore at a car accident, but it seems likely that a lot of Heroes‘ long lost fans – and surely those who never gave up hope – would tune in to see if the Heroes‘ crew could reconnect with its genius one more time.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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