NBC Unveils Post-Leno Schedule

NBC has just released its plan for a post-Leno-in-primetime universe. As previously assumed, NBC will fill the five hours left vacant by the departure of The Jay Leno Show with a blend of scripted and reality programming. The highlights are the reality show The Marriage Ref, created and produced by Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, will air on Thursday nights at 10:00pm. Further, the show will get major pimping as it debuts after the Winter Olympics Closing Ceremonies on February 28th. Other additions include the Ron Howard-produced Parenthood airing on Tuesday nights at 10:00pm (after The Biggest Loser). Law & Order (original recipe) returns to Mondays at 10:00pm, and Law & Order: SVU shifts on Wednesdays from 9:00p to 10:00pm. Friday Night Lights is back on NBC Friday nights starting April 30th. Also look for the premieres of reality shows Who Do You Think You Are? (produced by Lisa Kudrow, March 5th at 8:00pm) and Minute To Win It (March 14th at 8:00pm).

The Spring NBC schedule looks like this:

8-9 p.m. — Chuck
9-10 p.m. — Trauma (beginning March 8th)
10-11 p.m. —Law & Order (returns March 1 with two-hour episode, 9-11 p.m. (ET); resumes in regular time slot March 8th)

8-10 p.m. — The Biggest Loser
10-11 p.m. — PARENTHOOD (premieres March 2nd)

8-9 p.m. — Mercy
9-10 p.m. — Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (encores beginning March 3rd)
10-11 p.m. — Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (originals beginning March 3rd)

8-8:30 p.m. — Community
8:30-9 p.m. — Parks and Recreation
9-9:30 p.m. — The Office
9:30-10 p.m. — 30 Rock
10-11 p.m. — THE MARRIAGE REF (premieres March 4; sneak preview February 28th)

8-9 p.m. — WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? (premieres March 5th; ‘Friday Night Lights’returns on April 30th)
9-11 p.m. — Dateline NBC (begins March 5th)

SATURDAYS (all beginning March 6th)
8-9 p.m. — The Biggest Loser (encore episode)
9-10 p.m. — Law & Order (encore episode)
10-11 p.m. — Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (encore episode)

SUNDAYS (all beginning March 14th)
7-8 p.m. — Dateline NBC
8-9 p.m. — MINUTE TO WIN IT (premieres March 14th)
9-11 p.m. — The Celebrity Apprentice (season premiere March 14th)

Thank you to TVMoJoe at The Wrap for the above schedule. For a list of other shows premiering this spring season, check here. For more information on the Leno/Conan debacle, check here and here. For Parenthood promos, check here.

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