Chicago Med Review: There’s A Fine Line

Chicago Med

The third season of Chicago Med is going to focus on two subjects: the romantic and platonic couple’s connections, and the increased medical cuts in the hospital. Dr. Stohl’s been asking a lot of the Emergency Department lately, but it’s no more than any other head of department would. Except that there is a difference between due diligence and micromanaging. As we get deeper into the season, the financial issues are going to bleed into the capability to perform patient care, and the damage is already starting. There’s quite a few fine lines to get through. For now, let’s stick with the relationships. It may be better everyone’s personal lives to be stabilized before their professional lives are rattled.

The competition between Dr. Rhodes and Dr. Bekker is getting less and less friendly. It’s not that she’s not a perfectly capable, or sometimes has better ideas than Rhodes, it’s the way she presents her ideas. Competition is an important part of being in medicine. You want to be the best, because a life could literally depend on it. But there’s a difference between being the best for a patient, and being the best just for the sake of being the best. Once again, Dr. Latham is the one to bring the truth to the surface. He notices that despite the animosity between these two doctors, Bekker enjoys the fight, and surprisingly, so does Rhodes. If he had a really serious problem with the way Bekker fights him, he would say something to his superior. As of now, she’s just mildly annoying and challenging.

Choi disapproves of April taking care of her little brother, and he has a valid point about how far April goes. Checking in with him when he’s doing 90 hour/week shifts is one thing, but planning his meals? A grown man can take 10 minutes out of his day to plan his meals. Most professionals who work those kinds of hours learn to chew half-asleep. Regardless, Choi being so self-sufficient, he doesn’t see April’s point that there is a difference between needing help and using someone as a crutch. Sometimes it is a fine line, as it was for one of his patient’s who ended up brain dead. All the parents saw was their star child taking care of her drug addicted brother, and their daughter is the one who ends up dead. What they didn’t realize was that both of their children suffered from a serious metabolic disorder. No one could have seen that one coming, but in this case, both Choi and April were right.

Reese hasn’t imagined the trauma she’s been through in the last few months, but she got into medicine to help people. Now she’s afraid of every psychiatric patient she comes into contact with. Dr. Charles is the one who almost died, so why isn’t he walking around afraid? It’s because he has pretty much seen the gamut of violent disorders. If he was going to be scared every time a patient lashed out, he wouldn’t be able to do his job. Reese needs some time to learn this. She needs a place to feel safe.

As does everyone. The board is looking to make cuts to the Emergency Department, and Dr. Stohl’s solution is to have the doctors write out their notes in long-hand, with every single detail, charting every single medication and piece of equipment used on each patient. It’s a great idea in concept. In practice, it’s beating down the already exhausted staff. Natalie and Will are so exhausted, they end up passing out in the lounge. It takes a lot of effort to get dressed up to go out after such long hours on shift. Who has the effort? Apparently, Maggie. Maggie looks like she’s interested in paramedic Barry, but oh, there is so much more history there than we could have imagined.

For more on Maggie’s story, stay tuned for our upcoming interview with portrayer Marlyne Barrett.

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