NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 14 Review: “Black Wind”

NCIS: Los Angeles

This week’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles finds the team investigating a possible bioterrorism attack involving anthrax, and a lesson is taught between what is right and what is legal.

When a John Doe arrives at the edge of Camp Pendleton with anthrax in his system, it is traced back to Mexico, so Callen and Sam head south of the border while Kensi and Deeks investigate on the homefront. Sam and Callen are tasked with finding the source of the anthrax by going undercover as food truck vendors per the request of an NCIS agent stationed in Tijuana (seriously, veggie burgers Sam?). When they are told to stake out a new location, however, they discover their van has been tampered with, and they may have been made. Their fear is realized when an undercover informant is found murdered, as is their prime suspect.

Back in LA, Kensi and Deeks discover the John Doe’s identity by tracking down his father. The victim is really a Mexican janitor who contracted anthrax in one of the warehouses he works in, and his father insisted on him using an illegal drug tunnel to get to the U.S. for medical treatment. The father agrees to show NCIS the exit of the drug tunnel if they agree to get his grandson and daughter-in-law from Mexico to safety. After a brief shootout, Kensi and Deeks follow the tunnel all the way to Tijuana where they meet back up with Callen and Sam. Kensi and Deeks manage to get the victim’s family to safety, just in time for Sam and Callen to find the real bad guy, a microbiologist with an axe to grind for his father’s death at an American chemical plant.

However, here’s where another problem surfaces that too many people ignore. It doesn’t matter that this whole family has a price on their heads back in Mexico; it only matters that they crossed the border illegally, and the NCIS team members are rightfully upset. However, after a lot of negotiation from Granger, the victim and his family are allowed to stay in the country, and Granger gets his first Deeks bro-hug.

If you think that this episode forgot about the Densi action, you’d be very wrong. Let me count the ways. 1) Densi debating on whether to get new shower heads for the bathroom (at the office, or did their living situation change when we weren’t looking?). 2) Deeks saying “This is why you should never fall in love” after losing rock, paper, scissors to his girlfriend. 3) Kensi admiring Deeks’ connection to the victim’s young son when he distracts the boy from being afraid, with none other than The Adventures of Mighty Mouse on a cell phone. 4) Leave it to Hetty to tell a romantic story about a cactus and his flower as soul mates while Densi make not-so-subtle googly eyes at each other.

Throughout the episode, Deeks’ theme of the day is being water-wise. From the victim’s father being a plumber, to Deeks’ unforgiving cactus, water is the theme. All kidding aside, we could all use a lesson in being water conscious, both in California and elsewhere since many countries don’t have any safe drinking water. And that’s my PSA for the day, guys.

What did you think of how the NCIS: LA team dealt with the threat of the week?

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