Tonight on NCIS: Does the Attack on Tony and Ziva Call for “Revenge”? (Sneak Peeks)

NCISTonight on NCIS, Gibbs and his somewhat diminished team take their investigation of Bodner to a new level after Tony and Ziva are intentionally T-boned at traffic lights.  While we have no idea the extent to which our favorite NCIS pair have been injured, there is not a shadow of a doubt that Gibbs will pull out all the stops to find the man responsible for hurting his people.

The search leads Gibbs, McGee, Ducky and Palmer to the home of Carl Miller. However, they arrive too late, finding the suspect shot dead. Miller’s assumed name and his erased fingerprints immediately suggest he has a connection to Bodner, but Palmer finds more definitive proof regarding the suspect. This links him to the illusive rogue Mossad agent and also to the reasoning behind the attack on Tony and Ziva.

Check out the preview and sneak peeks below and be sure to watch NCIS tonight at 8/7c on CBS–HeLWE




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