Why There Should Be More Puppets in Prime Time Television


Many years ago, the show Angel had an episode where the characters were puppets. It happened randomly, with the plot worked around it, yet people still talk about how brilliant that episode was. Community has done some great puppet stuff as well. No, not Muppets. While we love us some Muppets, the Muppets have done quite well for themselves and already have quite a niche carved out. So this begs the question: why are there not more puppet shows (for adults) in prime time? It seems an insane question, but don’t reach any conclusions until you finish reading.

First point, there have been whole shows dedicated to puppets. Greg the Bunny being a perfect example (and an awesome and irreverent show well ahead of it’s time). Sifl and Olly on MTV was not a kid’s show. It was an insane, surreal show with humor aimed squarely at adults (or teens who were kind of twisted in the head). Another great example is Crank Yankers from many years ago. A cult hit (with puppets), aimed at adults, that people still bring up fondly to this day. See, so why no puppet love for adults in prime time right now?

We have shows about witches and teen werewolves. We have shows about superheroes and shows about different worlds. We even have shows about angels battling demons for supremacy of Earth. And you are trying to tell me puppets is weird? Well, you should look into Avenue Q if you want to realize just how well puppets can work for adults. It will also make you wonder why I am the only one wondering why this medium is so under-used. Things that look like they are aimed at kids but are obviously aimed at adults are the best things ever. Think Adventure Time, with socks.

So chant with us: more puppets in prime time! More puppets in prime time!

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