Neil Patrick Harris Calls The Matrix 4 Set a “Very intimate Environment”

Matrix 4

As things move steadily closer to the December release date, it sounds as though Lana Wachowski is, according to Neil Patrick Harris, keeping things rather intimate on set. What’s meant by this is that she’s keeping everything very ‘in the moment’ and is filming the way she wants, which means using natural lighting and making good use of the surroundings she’s filming in. This also means that she films at a much quicker pace to take advantage of her surroundings as much as possible apparently, which sounds like it’s a bit hectic at times but is also working. The Matrix 4 sounds like it’s on track to come out at the end of this year, but there’s still a lot that people don’t know about it since the story is being kept under lock and key and the idea of how Neo and Trinity will be back is hard to guess. A lot of people keep going back to the moment in the third movie when each person met their end, but are also fully aware that the consciousness, or copies, of both individuals, exist within The Matrix. But would Trinity be the same? Would Neo? The idea of seeing copies of them made flesh once again sounds like a rather macabre way to bring them, as it would indicate that they might be under the control of the Matrix. But unless the fourth story is going back in time to fill in the time gap between the movies then it feels as though things will be moving forward, and somehow Neo and Trinity will return, though it’s not known how. Harris had this to say via MovieWeb:

“[The filming conditions] didn’t feel large because it felt like [Lana Wachowski] was in her sweet spot, which was filming on the fly, filming using natural light. Sometimes you’d sit around for an hour waiting for the clouds to clear, and then you’d quickly film. You’d film pages at a time in 30 minutes and then be done. You would think that a giant movie would be 100% storyboarded, animatics, and we’d be checking off shots. I think she lived that before three times over, and I would suspect that she wants to do things her own way now. It wasn’t often that you felt that you were doing something gigantic because she made it feel very intimate.”

It’s definitely safe to say that Lana is firmly invested in this movie and is working hard to see it brought to fruition. It’s not likely that we’re going to learn much more about it for a while, especially since December is still a ways off, and letting too much go at any one time wouldn’t be advised. The hope of course is that theaters will be opening up this year so that hit movies can finally release and the precious box office numbers can finally be used once again to determine the overall popularity of movies, since, y’know, the reaction of the fans apparently isn’t enough most times. That might sound a bit cynical, especially since it’s kind of meant to be given that the movies are for the fans and their reactions should be, in some cases, how success is measured. If the fans aren’t willing to keep coming back and paying for the pleasure of seeing the movies then it can usually be said that something isn’t a success, since the box office will reflect that. Sometimes it feels as though Hollywood has forgotten that the purpose they serve is to entertain the masses, THEN line their pockets, instead of lining their pockets and hoping that people are entertained. Ah well, it does sound as though Lana is firmly invested in this movie and as a result, it could happen that this will be a masterpiece or at least a fitting addition to a story that many people have come to appreciate over the years.

The idea of Neo and Trinity somehow coming back is proving to be a little bit divisive among fans, but to be certain it’s definitely getting people thinking at this time since there have been theories tossed about and ideas on how this could have happened. But of course, until we see the movie or learn more about the story we’re not going to know and will have to keep up with the theories, which tend to get out of control at times but are still interesting to hear. One almost has to assume that the war between the machines and the humans will have kicked off again, but if that’s the case then it would mean that the peace didn’t last that long since Jada Pinkett-Smith is coming back, which means that the story hasn’t moved so far ahead that most of the characters we remember are gone. We’ll have to wait and see how this pans out.

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