Neill Blomkamp Will Direct Sci-Fi Thriller “The Gone World”

Neill Blomkamp is set to direct the new Sci-Fi thriller “The Gone World.” Known for his work in “District 9” and “Elysium”, the filmmaker has confirmed that he has begun work on the film. Rumors of his involvement in the project first started circulating in 2015 and he has now released the news that he has his hands on the materials and is starting the process. Here is what we know about the upcoming film as of right now.

Blomkamp was given the green light

20th Century Fox has given the go ahead to move forward with the new project. It has taken a few years to come to the conclusion that the film should happen. With the unpublished novel in his hands, Neill has already begun to work on the adaptation for the screenplay. This is good news for sci-fi fans. While the film is in the very early stages of development, we’ve learned that it is set for release some time in 2018.

Origins of the film

“The Gone World” will be based upon the Thomas Sweterlitsch novel by the same name. It will chronicle the time travel experiences of special agent Shannon Moss in her investigation of a murder mystery. A Navy SEAL’s family is killed and Moss must move ahead in time in search of the Navy SEAL who has disappeared into a time warp to catch up with him in her attempts to find out who is responsible for the deaths. The SEAL was aboard a space ship at the time of his disappearance into the dimension that is referred to as “Deep Time.” His teenage daughter has also disappeared so the agent has two people to locate. In her travels, she discovers that the entire human race is on course for a time that will end in calamity and tragedy. Agent Moss must figure out how the SEAL’s travel to the future has triggered a wave of violence.

Blended themes

The new film will be in the science fiction genre but it will also have a murder mystery/time travel theme as well. Add crime, drama and suspense to the mix and it sounds like a fairly active plot. “The Gone World” has all of the makings for a blockbuster success and fans of Neill Blomkamp are hoping for precisely that. He’s definitely got the talent so we’re all excited and anxious to see what he comes up with.

Blomkamp’s redemption

His last project “Chappie” was a failure at the box office, so Neill is particularly interested in a project that will get his career and reputation back on track. Science fiction is definitely his genre as he has already proven. He had his eye on an Alien franchise film, but even that could entail some risk. “The Gone World” may give him some additional creative license to really show his stuff, especially since he won’t have Ridley Scott in the background as producer. Peter Chernin is the designated producer of the current project. The relaunch of his career is better placed with a non-franchise project that has tremendous potential and could give him the added boost that he could use right now.

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