Neo Returns in a Pretty Cool Matrix 4 Fan Trailer

Matrix 4

Here’s the problem with Neo and Trinity coming back in The Matrix 4. It’s a serious deus ex machina moment since physically both of them are dead, finished, their physical bodies unable to take on any more punishment. But the idea of transcendence in the movies is what might bring Neo back since the separation of the mind from the physical self is something that’s pushed quite often, but Trinity’s case is far different than Neo’s since as The One he’s far more capable of separating his mind and his body. In fact he’s already done it since he died once in the matrix when Smith shot him in the first movie. And then, by some miracle of skin to skin contact and a profession of love, Trinity made it possible for him to come back to life, which helped him to ascend a bit to the point where he could access the powers of The One finally and become who he was supposed to be, as James Hunt of Screenrant has stated. Neo’s connection to the matrix has only grown stronger throughout the movies, so it makes some kind of sense that his consciousness is now firmly embedded in the matrix where it could possibly be retrieved or come ‘awake’ yet again as another anomaly. But that leaves Trinity’s mind since she didn’t give herself to the machines to combat Smith, but instead died upon impact with the machine city as she was impaled.

Of course there’s an explanation for that floating around out there too, and that has to do with the idea that there have been five other incarnations of The One before Neo, as it was revealed in The Matrix Reloaded. The Architect told Neo that Zion had been destroyed five different times and allowed to build five different times by leaving only two humans alive to begin again. That’s kind of a brutal way to go about testing one theory after another, but the one things that the machines and the programs don’t tend to do is lie, so the knowledge that Zion wasn’t the first and only human settlement was enough to make many people think that Neo isn’t the first One to come along and think that he was the end-all, be-all that so many though he was. If Neo’s consciousness is floating around in the matrix just waiting to be reborn again, perhaps Trinity’s is too in some way. Of course the code that would have made her who she is might be incomplete if she is still around since like it or not, she died in the crash and as we saw wasn’t taken by the machines. Even if they did there’s only so long that a human brain can function before it shuts down along with the rest of the body.

This movie is confusing a lot of people since bringing Neo and Trinity back under the circumstances would mean that the machines and the surviving humans would be at war again if The One is needed once more. Gathering his consciousness and bringing Trinity back would be quite a feat, but it’s also interesting to think that they would need to find bodies to inhabit, which would mean somehow pushing someone out of their own or inserting themselves in some way into the machine so that they could be conceived and later on raised as humans within the matrix. A lot of this sounds extremely far-fetched but thinking that anything in the matrix isn’t possible in some way is kind of a trap since as we’ve seen a man can come back from the dead so long as he’s imbued with some sort of code that says he’s The One and can manipulate the system in an overt and very aggressive manner. That doesn’t say much for anyone else since they’re not like Neo, so they’ll stay dead, but with Trinity it’s obvious that an exception is going to be made. So far the very idea of this movie is just kind of confusing and it’s giving a lot of people a good deal of material to work with as they continue to try and anticipate what’s going to happen. Likely as not it won’t be a prequel or a movie designed to fit in between the originals, but will instead be a true part 4 and a continuation since that’s the only thing that can possibly make sense when bringing some of the returning actors back.

In a way I’m not sure why they’re bringing this movie back apart from a thought that they can make people believe in it again by bringing back characters that were given a pretty definitive end. Molly Harris of Film Daily has a little more to offer on this subject. But fans are going to buy tickets, and it’s possible that when it does come out that The Matrix 4 will be another big hit.

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