Netflix To Enter Series Game? Kevin Spacey & David Fincher Involved

In a story originally broken by, we learned today that, although negotiations are ongoing, Netflix will most likely begin offering original content. There is no date for when it might go live, but this is big news. Not only is Academy Award Winner Kevin Spacey set to star, but he is also set to be executive producer beside Oscar Nominee David Fincher (best known for Fight Club, Se7en, and The Social Network among others works).

It is said that House of Cards has a 26 episode commitment to the tune of $100 million dollars. Originally a novel and a BBC miniseries, the storyline follows a manipulative man with political ambitions in the Houses of Parliament at the end of Margaret Thatcher’s tenure.

A couple things stand out here. First of all, this is new territory for Netflix. Their monthly online subscription rate is far less than at least one of it’s competitors (Netflix reportedly outbid HBO for the series), and the 26 episode commitment assures two seasons, sight unseen. Not even a pilot was ordered before the supposed deal was made. We can assume this will push Netflix ahead of Amazon and Hulu, and up the ante for others to jump into the foray. Additionally, it makes getting one of those new television sets or Blu-Ray players with Netflix built into the unit (via internet, of course) all the more exciting.

Finally, they are not going into this lightly. That’s a large chunk of change with some heavy hitters both on and behind the screen. This is sure to be a news-grabber and I cannot wait for further details. Keep an eye on TVOvermind for more information about what this means to Netflix and the rest of the online entertainment providers.

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