10 Things You Didn’t Know about Netta Barzilai

Netta Barzilai

If you know about the Eurovision Song Contest of 2018 then you might know about Netta Barzilai since she ended up winning the contest. Otherwise you might not know a lot about her since at this point she’s not a big name in the US at the time. There’s nothing to say that she couldn’t be since winning a contest that happens to be a pretty big deal is usually a good way to start out one’s career, but at this moment it doesn’t seem as though her influence has really reached this far west. It might one of these days but we’ll have to wait and see. Until then it seems that Netta is going to keep singing and do the best she can with the voice she has, which if you’ve ever heard it is quite lovely really. The music industry across the globe is just as hard to break into as it is in the US however, and getting known is difficult everywhere.

Here are a few things about Netta you might not have known.

10. She won the right to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2018.

By winning the fifth season of a singing show over in her country she earned the right to sing at the contest and much to everyone’s surprise and the delight of her country she ended up winning, which is no small thing for anyone that’s representing her country in any manner.

9. Netta served in the Israel Defense Forces.

She did her time in the service and then ended up doing what she could to land a music career when she got out. It would seem that she’s on the right path and doing just fine so far in her endeavors since a win at Eurovision and increased popularity is one great start.

8. She seems to like a wide variety of singers.

Netta has borrowed a lot of different songs from a lot of different singers around the globe so it’s fair to say that her taste in music is varied and at the same time offers her a very wide range to work from. Some might think it’s risky to do so much and over such a wide spectrum but she nails it.

7. Netta is very active on social media.

This is definitely what helps to launch people these days since the more individuals see a performer the more they’re going to know about them and therefore the more they’re going to want to continue to learn even more.

6. She’s in her mid-20s at this point.

At the age of 26 she’s still young enough to have decades in front of her that could be filled with the kind of career moves that could leave her set and satisfied for a long time to come. If she gets there then it’s pretty easy to see that becoming established will be one of the best moves she could make.

5. There’s not a lot known about her background.

Some sites give a little more but others don’t give out a whole lot. In terms of her personal information that’s able to be found but as far as her education there are only a few sites that might give out anything of worth.

4. She’s definitely not a big person.

Netta is a big on the hefty side but at the same time she only stands about 5’2″, so she’s a fairly short person. That being said though she does have a presence that’s hard not to notice since she seems to be so flamboyant at times with her outfits and her music that not noticing her really isn’t an option when she’s right in front of you and doing her thing.

3. So far she’s kept her love life on the down low.

More and more this seems like a good idea for anyone that’s in the spotlight since the moment that the media gets hold of it they tend to make any and every assumption they can about the person and their partner and don’t seem to let up until everything that’s considered newsworthy has been squeezed out of them.

2. At this point there’s no way to tell her net worth.

This would kind of indicate that despite winning the contest there’s really no way to know just how much she’s worth since her career might not have hit the kind of a high yet. It could easily happen in the coming years or even within the next year if she really takes off, but as of now it’s not something that’s easy to find out.

1. She does a lot of performances around bars and weddings.

At this time it would seem that while she is known to some she’s still keeping it small-time enough that it could be said that she’s not really at the level where she wants to be, yet.

There’s always time to push forward.

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