New ‘American Horror Story’ Teasers Tease Hillbillies, Wounds, and More

American Horror Story Season 6

We still don’t don’t know for sure what the sixth season of American Horror Story will be about (although I have a theory), but the network is continuing to give us small teasers to build anticipation and make us wonder what’s going on.

Adding to the three teasers that were released earlier in the week, we’ve now gotten an additional three that are just as creepy as what’s come before. In the new ones, we get the sound of chainsaws, some glowing eyes, and much more that is sure to whet the appetite of fans. I’m personally getting a very The Hills Have Eyes and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe from these teasers, so I’m wondering how that might pair with the expected “children” theme that we’ve been lead to expect. Luckily, we’ll only have to wait a few more weeks for answers as the series returns on September 14.

Check out the new teasers below:




American Horror Story returns September 14 on FX. 

[Photo Credit: FX]

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