New Behind the Scenes Trailer For The Walking Dead Season 8 and Winter Olympics Promo

The Winter Olympics promo for The Walking Dead kind of gives you the feeling that a lot of people don’t know half of what’s going on in the games but could tell you anything you’d want to know about TWD. The behind the scenes trailer helps break it down for those who might still be new to the show or haven’t been keeping up with what’s been going on. As the second half of season eight looms ever closer those of us that have been following the show are going to be watching with great anticipation as the Saviors and Rick’s group finally clash in what’s been expected to be the fight of all fights when it comes to TWD. We’ve already seen some pretty epic encounters on this show but so far nothing has held a candle to the damage that Negan and his group have managed to do to Rick and his people.

The Hilltop is supposedly going to be the last stand for the survivors while Negan and his people are still reeling from the onslaught of the walkers that tore through the Sanctuary and rendered it as a much less hospitable place to live. Rick and his followers are still running on fumes following the loss of Alexandria and are beset by the type of emotions that tend to break people and bring them to their knees when the chips are really down. But their greatest strength, the inability to just give up and go quietly, is what carries them through more often than not and allows them to lift their heads high and continue the fight. That’s what it takes in a no-win situation, being able to stand up and admit to the other person that they’re going to have to take your life in order to win.

For eight seasons now TWD has shown us the grit and sheer determination it takes to exist in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where the true threat isn’t the flesh-hungry walkers that continually hound the survivors, but those that will prey upon any they consider weaker than themselves. Negan has shown that he has no qualms about dealing out what he calls justice to anyone that doesn’t follow his ways and line up like everyone else. But Rick has shown that Negan does have weaknesses, and as a result the two have initiated a war that will only see one victor eventually. Men like Negan and Rick don’t give very easily, and they don’t bow unless there’s another plan in mind that could be implemented at a later date. This kind of a war can’t end by their followers’ hands, at least not in theory. It will only end when one of them is either dead or incapacitated in a manner that won’t allow for any further fighting.

That war is going to be played out starting on the 25th of February, when the Olympic Games are done and its time for the dead to walk again. Say a prayer for the survivors, because they’re going to need it.

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