New Demogorgon Fan Theory Has Stranger Things Fans Thinking

Stranger Things 3 Finale

Sometimes fan theories are just a different perspective as it takes what is seen and what is known by fans concerning a show or a movie and twisting it about so as to make the theory capable of holding its own weight. This time around though, the theory delivered by a Reddit user makes a certain kind of sense considering that it would go a long way towards explaining just why the Demogorgon from Stranger Things acts as it does. It would also suggest why the Mind Flayer from season 2 is so intent on Will when it could likely find another host. Some might want to say that of course, Will has a sense of doom around him, as he’s seen the Upside Down and is therefore well aware of what it’s all about since it apparently represents a reality where the Mind Flayer and its kind managed to take over the world as we know it, creating mutations and a decidedly dark and foreboding world that was left behind. But this theory is still interesting since it goes so far as to say that the connection between Will and the Demogorgon is important for one simple reason: they’re one and the same. I can already hear some people out there laughing since it does sound like it might be reaching, but the fan did manage to give a good account of the theory and why it makes so much sense.

When you think about it, the Demogorgon had a whole town filled with kids and others to go after. It went after Barb of course, but that appeared to be more hunger-driven or something that made Barb a victim while Will was an incubator of sorts. That could be a breakdown in the theory, to be honest, but when pushing forward one has to remember that Will survived, while Barb did not. Does anyone get the feeling that the Demogorgon could have ended Will just as easily as Barb? Plus, there’s the feeling that he might have been targeted, which would make sense if his future and other-dimensional self-realized that he needed to survive to bring about the future that he was destined for. It still feels like something that might be stretching a little too far, leaving plot holes as it goes, but it would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Stranger Things is all about a different dimension that’s parallel to our own, meaning the possibilities of other dimensions existing is easy to accept. It could be that the Mind Flayer is strong enough to enter our world with Eleven’s help because it’s conquered its own dimension as well as many others and has grown in strength, but that tidbit requires a bit more explanation than this article will give.

If Will and the Demogorgon are one and the same it would raise another question about the creature that was seen to be kept in the Russian compound at the end of the last season. Is that another version of Will? Or is it another individual that was somehow corrupted into the shape of a Demogorgon. Then there are the demi-dogs such as Dart. Are they a mutated version of a canine from the same world? Do they somehow start out as grubs like Dart did, or are they something new entirely? So much remains unknown about the Upside Down that questions are expected to be plentiful since there’s a great deal that people want to know about Stranger Things. One big question is where the story is going to go now since Hopper is in Russia, the group has split up after the Byers family moved, and everything is pretty uncertain at this point. Plus, the boys are growing up and taking on new interests, so there’s a good chance that their connection is going to continue to fade and tatter since in the last season it was obvious that they were becoming a little fragmented, especially from Will, who wanted everything to go back to the way it was. Can you blame the kid though? He missed out on a part of his childhood, no matter how little time he really missed. The point is that he was forced to grow up quickly and without consent when he was taken into the Upside Down by what people might start to think is a corrupted version of himself.

It does make some sense, considering that the Demogorgon is bipedal and that Will’s connection to the Mind Flayer was as strong as it was in the second season. This theory is worth thinking about since it puts a very convincing pin in the subject of why Will was able to escape the Upside Down and Barb wasn’t. What happens in the coming season though will hopefully explain things a little more.

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