New ‘Doctor Who’ Promo Photo

The new series of Doctor Who will be beginning soon (in early April, it’s being reported), and if you aren’t excited for it, you simply have never seen Who. Though David Tennant, who played perhaps the most iconic version of the Doctor since Tom Baker, has left the series after a four-year-run, he’s placed the role of the Doctor in very able hands. Actor Matt Smith (Secret Diary of a Call Girl, In Bruges) has taken the helm. And finally, for the first time since Donna Noble had her mind wiped, the Doctor will be getting a steady companion, in the form of Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond, who, as Spoiler Guy reported a few months ago, will be a kissogram agent.

Well, the BBC has released a very, very cool new promotional photo featuring Smith and Gillan in their new roles. The two seem to be stuck in a Time Vortex, and are surrounded by images of a Dalek, a Weeping Angel, and something that DigitalSpy is calling a “Smiler.” The time vortex concept is also used in a recent trailer released by the BBC. I wonder if we’ll be seeing the vortex outside of the promotional realm and in the actual series.

This image will possibly be used in more posters for the series, and may actually form the DVD cover for the series. All I know is that it looks pretty cool. What do you think?

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