A New First Look at FX’s Fargo

FX has just debuted a new “first look” video about their upcoming minseries, Fargo. Unlike a traditional trailer, it spends some time with the cast and the crew who discuss the show at length, and why it’s being made in the first place, which is something people can’t seem to understand.

“Same name, same place, same type of characters, but different things happen,” about sums it up. We get to hear from a lot of the people involved (I didn’t know Bob Odenkirk was in this!) and they describe how they’re essentially making a 10 hour movie with a fully fledged movie cast (as opposed to a lowly TV show). It’s a bit haughty maybe, but I understand what they mean. TV is great for long-form storytelling you just can’t do in the movies most of the time, and I expect we’ll see a lot more projects like this one if Fargo is a success (which it seems like it will be).

Watch the First Look for yourself above.

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