New Girl “Eggs” Review – Nick Miller: The Next Great American Author

New Girl 209Last night’s New Girl episode, “Eggs,” had a lot to offer in terms of laughter and heart. Both the storylines and characters were in top form last night, and due to the sheer amount of times that I missed lines because of how I could not stop laughing, I have to say that it might be my favorite New Girl episode this season.

New Girl’‘s central plot this week had to do with Jess and Cece and the possibility that their “eggs” may be too far gone when they actually decide to have children. As random as this storyline sounds, it leads to some great moments. It’s hilarious when Jess yells out to the street, “Give my nipples a purpose!” and when both Winston and Schmidt volunteer to be the ones to impregnate her (Schmidt’s “I don’t have sperms, Jess. I have tadpoles of the gods” is one of my favorite lines from last night). However, when Cece finds out that she could possibly never have kids, it’s real and heartfelt.

One of the other two side plots of the night is Nick’s Hemingway-like attempt to finally finish his zombie novel (Z is for Zombie). This storyline, along with Schmidt’s, provides the most laughs of the night. Everything Nick does anymore is the absolute best, and his drunken behavior at the zoo is no different (“WHERE ARE THE SNAKES?!”). I’ve said it a million times already, but I will say it again: This is Nick and Jake Johnson’s year for New Girl. If he doesn’t get an Emmy or Golden Globe nomination (AND HE SHOULD), he should at least get more recognition and notoriety for his fantastic performance.

The last storyline of the night involves Schmidt’s search for answers to why the sex that he and his boss (Carla Gugino, in what I really hope is not her last appearance on New Girl) are having is not as good and fulfilling as the sex he has had in the past. Schmidt, after an off-episode last week, is back to his usual funny self, and this entire episode is simply gold for him, from the opening when he comes out the bedroom while having sex with his boss to congratulate Jess’s friends on being pregnant to him describing his anticipation of his appointment with the gynecologist as “#Excitement.” I also like how this episode makes Schmidt finally acknowledge that he loves Cece, and Nick’s and Jess’s “No, duh!” reactions to Schmidt’s epiphany are great, too. Lastly, I want to say that if Schmidt’s description to Jess’s gynecologist friend about how he has sex is not enough to win Max Greenfield the Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy next year, I don’t know what deserves to win awards anymore; that scene is the funniest two minutes of TV I’ve watched all year.

Another excellent episode of New Girl’s extremely strong second season. Right now, New Girl is as good as comedy gets on TV. If the shows’ writers keep going at this rate, it won’t just be Zooey Deschanel and Max Greenfield getting nominations come Golden Globe/Emmy time; New Girl itself will be a shoe-in.

Other thoughts: New Girl 209

– Nick’s Hemingway adventure was even more fun for me because I just got back from Key West on Saturday, and while I was there, I got a chance to visit the Hemingway house and learn more about the famous author. He sounded about as crazy and as awesome as Nick Miller was in this episode.

– Since I’m an English major (with a focus in writing), I loved the jokes about Nick’s procrastination and the pains that come with being a writer. Also, his excuse for why he needed the flask in order to write was great.

– That little scene between Nick and Jess near the end of the episode (where they joke about her coming to him to get her pregnant) is a really awesome little moment. Anyone who says that Nick and Jess, or Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson, do not have onscreen chemistry is an idiot.

– The ending scene for this episode (Winston reading Nick’s finished manuscript) is perfect. And hilarious. And perfect.

Best New Girl Quotes of the Night

– “I’ve got a lot of eggs. Just no sausage.” – Jess

– “They’re talking about vaginas. GET ME OUT OF HERE!” – Nick

– “The black guy dies early. His name is William. Don’t take offense to it. It’s a staple of the genre.” – Nick to Winston about his zombie novel.

– “It could get into any school it wanted to” – Schmidt about Jess and Winston’s hypothetical baby.

– And the best line of the whole night comes from Schmidt. No explanation is needed for why this line is the best of the night: “You’re a gynecologist and a lesbian, so that makes you a Vagenius.” Perfect. Just so, so perfect.


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