New “Incredibles 2” Featurette Focuses on The Intimidating Edna Mode

People are understandably excited about the new movie Incredibles 2 that will be coming out shortly. After all, it’s been quite a long wait since the original movie came out and it was such a hit that fans have been wondering why a sequel hasn’t been in the works for a long time now. In order to entice fans, a small featurette for Incredibles 2 was released featuring the character Edna Mode. It’s rather funny and it gives fans a couple of ideas about what might be going on in the movie, at least part of the time.

The featurette is mostly centered around fashion icons Kendall Jenner and Heidi Klum as they discuss the character of Edna Mode. As you might know, she is the person that is responsible for designing the costumes for the Parr family and she takes her job very seriously, indeed.

In the video, fans are given the opportunity to see that Elastigirl’s new costume is not designed by Edna. Obviously, this is bound to cause a problem because Edna considers herself the exclusive designer for their costumes. In addition, it gives you the chance to see that Elastigirl is going to be the one that goes out and does all the crime fighting while her husband stays home to care for the children. This is bound to present some interesting topics for the movie, to say the least.

Of course, the video doesn’t reveal too much of the plot. For the most part, those responsible for the movie have been very tight-lipped about the plot and virtually everything else associated with the film. This featurette is designed to tease fans just enough to keep their interest level up. In reality, that is exactly what it accomplishes and it leaves people wanting more, which primes them to get ready to go see the movie.

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