New Star Trek Movie Coming in 2023: What We Know so Far

The only thing known concerning the upcoming Star Trek movie is that the studio wants to release it on June 9th, 2023. Apart from that, there’s no other information coming and it’s already making people bust out theories, hypotheses, and rumors that are spreading like wildfire as people try to predict just what might be coming in a couple of years. Taking into consideration how long it’s been since a Star Trek movie was seen on the big screen it’s not too hard to figure out why people are buzzing about this news since Trekkies are likely wanting to see Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto back in action to finish out their story before Paramount moves on to the next frontier and the next crew to take over the Enterprise or some other ship that will continue the legacy. One can only hope that they don’t decide to reboot the entire thing again, but that might be what some folks are thinking is needed in order to continue the adventure and make things work as they want them to. But as of now there’s little to no information coming from those that are apparently working on the project, and it’s probably a good thing too since like it or not there are too many gossip mongers online that would go spreading whatever information they could get when trying to figure out what was coming next.

There’s talk of Quentin Tarantino still being up to making a Star Trek movie, there’s talk of J.J. Abrams working on the movie, and so and so forth. However things shake out it’s fair to say that people will simply be happy to have another chance to follow the adventures of their favorite characters as they embark on another adventure that might, hopefully, be as engaging as the others that have come along. But not having a lot to go on is a little frustrating, even if it does heighten the anticipation since it’s hard to know what to talk about at times, other than the madly churning furnace of thoughts and conversation that will be taking place up until any information about the movie is forthcoming. It’s a wise move to be certain since too many movies have been put in jeopardy concerning the plot and tone when an actor or someone else decides to pipe up and spoil things for the fans. Obviously this kind of thing hasn’t deterred mass numbers of fans, but it certainly hasn’t won any popularity points for those that have opened their mouths at the wrong time. So keeping as much information on the down-low as possible is a wise precaution these days since otherwise it’s very possible that someone would go spilling too much about the movie if they knew anything about it.

Right now it doesn’t feel as though there’s much to leak since unless someone is being insanely secretive with the information, meaning that they have it locked in a bunker somewhere, then it’s very likely that a script hasn’t even been started, and casting and everything else is still a long way off. In 2 years a movie can be made quite easily, but calling the release date feels a little ambitious, to say the least. There’s no doubt that Paramount knows that it’s going to get people buzzing though, as will tossing out a tidbit here and there for the consumption of those that are grateful for every little morsel that’s thrown their way. That’s the way this particular game is played it would appear, but so long as people are willing to play then so be it. If and when, and if, the next Star Trek movie comes out on time it’s bound to happen that Trekkies and other fans will have been whipped into a frenzy of expectation, but hopefully they won’t go the other direction and be of the mind to say ‘who cares?’. Yeah, I don’t believe the latter will happen either, but it’s likely that those who don’t follow Star Trek that closely might say something along those lines. Right now, stating that something is coming in a couple of years and keeping things under wraps doesn’t excite every living person, and in some cases, it might only elicit a mild response from those that really do care.

The upside of this is that Trekkies will have something to look forward to in the months to come since it’s very likely that a lot of folks that follow the story will want to see something epic come along again. But at the very least they do have their shows that will help to pass the time and continue to expand the story. Hopefully in a matter of months there will be more to report on this upcoming movie. But if not, then we can wait.

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