Young and the Restless Spoilers: Nick and Phyllis Agree to Keep Things To Themselves

Young and the Restless fans know that Devon is going to marry Hilary. He asked her to marry him even though she’s in a hospital bed, with their baby lost, and their lives in shambles. They will wed immediately, and things will turn out as they do for this couple. Everyone who watches this show is simply crushed by this story line, and there seems to be very little that we can do to make this seem better at all. They can’t seem to get this situation under control, and we think it has everything to do with Hilary’s character leaving the show for good. We also saw the police make a call to Lily. We know Hilary feels so bad like this is all her fault, but we also know it really isn’t. What will the police find out and what will they learn about all of this?

There is very little anyone can do for Hilary at this point, but Devon has decided to surprise her with everything he can that might make their lives easier and better in the moment. Jack also got some upsetting news, and we wonder if it has anything to do with what is happening at Jabot with Kyle. He’s taken the edge and made up a bit of ground, but we don’t know if there is much anyone can do about it. Billy has made it harder on himself to get people to take him seriously. And we all know that Nick bedded Sharon, and we cannot figure out what in the world happened there. We certainly did not see that happening this time around, but here it is and everyone is upset by it. He’s made a mistake, and we don’t think anyone can fix it.

What’s Happening on the Young and the Restless

Can we just say one more time how much we love this throwback photo game going on courtesy of the Price is Right at the moment? We are down with all the photos, and it seems that the show cannot have more than we can guess. But for now, we are going to sit back and see if you can guess this sweet face. As for the boy, we don’t know. But we’d guess that this little girl is Amelia Heinle if we had a chance. Are we right? Do you think so, too, or do you go with someone else?

What’s Next on the Young and the Restless

Cane has to do what he has to do, and it means making amends. He has to do what he feels is right, and he’s learning very quickly that life is short and things are not always what they seem. The fact that his wife and Hilary were in this accident and things turned out they want they did was hard for him to realize. He’s crushed and upset, and he has realized that things will rarely work out for him if he is not able to get it together. They have a lot to handle, and that will be something they need to think about. They have to make it happen, but he has to make amends to get things right in his own life.

We also see that Mariah is going to take a stand. She’s learning more than she wants to know about things she’s not sure she wants to know, and she’s not sure she can handle. She’s upset, and she’s not making good decisions. We also saw that Phyllis is making an admission soon, and it might not be good. we think it has something to do with what happened with Nick, and that will only hurt Sharon. She might not care, however, since Sharon is the kind of woman that Phyllis cannot get on board with. But she doesn’t want to hurt Nick, so we aren’t positive she will do that to him after all he’s been through in the past few months. His life has been rough, and she might take that into consideration.

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