Nicole Scherzinger to Guest Star on How I Met Your Mother

For many How I Met Your Mother Fans, Robin’s Canadian pop star alias, Robin Sparkles, is a treat whenever she is one the screen. Well, fans are in for another treat this season in the form of another 80’s pop star named Jessica Glitter. Glitter will be played by former Dancing with the Stars alum Nicole Scherzinger. This comes after Scherzinger herself tweeted “Just had table reading for HIMYM this morning. The cast is hill-friggin-larious! I can’t wait to shoot next wk! HOLLA!”. One can only hope that a sing off will occur between these two legend, wait for it… dary 80’s fictional pop stars. Let’s hope Robin is ready to relive her past again.

And, speaking of Robin’s past, what better time to take a look back at her songs. First up is the video for “Let’s Go To The Mall”. I have to admit that this video really was very out there. It was first seen in the second season episode entitled “Slap Bet”. Most viewers know that not only did this episode launch Robin Sparkles, but it also launched the slap bet (to which Marshall only has one slap left). The video for “Let’s Go To The Mall” was aired at the end of the episode, and boy was it good. To an extent it embodied most of the 80’s, or at least what I have seen of the 80’s. You can view the music video, via youtube, here.

The second video of Robin Sparkles was her quintisential sappy 80’s song entitled “Sandcastles In The Sand”. The video was aired during the third season episode with the same name. The episode dealt with Robin trying to get over a past fling she had with an old boyfriend named Simon (played by James Van Der Beek). The mood of the song sung by Sparkles, hits the right tone for how Robin is feeling during the 80’s, but also how she is feeling during the present. Once again, the song did a great job of recreating teen pop in the 80’s. To create a better 80’s feel, the writers decided to throw in pop star Tiffany. This was a great touch, as no one in real life embodies the 80’s version of Robin Sparkles more than Tiffany. You can view the video for “Sancastles In The Sand” here.

How do you feel about another Robin Sparkles episode, or better yet how do you feel about Nicole Scherzinger guest starring on How I Met Your Mother? Sound off in the How I Met Your Mother boards.

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